How to Play Games On Your Windows 8 PC With the Xbox One Controller

How to Play Games On Your Windows 8 PC With the Xbox One Controller (3)

Microsoft lavishes its Xbox One entertainment console with attention. It talks about gaming on the console so much that it’s pretty easy to forget that the company has a second huge gaming platform: Windows 8. Thankfully, what PC gaming today lacks in attention, Microsoft makes up for with small important features that it will hopefully plan […]

Official Xbox One Controller PC Drivers Now Available

How to Update an Xbox One Controller (11)

Starting today, PC gamers can plug in an Xbox One controller and use it as a joystick and controller pad replacement. Microsoft announced the Xbox One controller’s PC drives earlier today, making good on a promise it made just before the Xbox One’s launch. When Microsoft made that promise some PC users feared that Microsoft […]

Use Your Xbox One Controller With a PC Right Now

How to Update an Xbox One Controller (11)

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is a modern marvel. Having mostly left the design of the controller alone as it worked to create it from the Xbox 360 controller’s design, last fall the company said that it’d made 200 different prototypes to get it just right. Thanks to an unofficial software hack, now PC users can […]

Special Edition Titanfall Controller is Xbox One’s First

Titanfall controller

Microsoft will look to brighten up user’s Xbox One experience with a new lightly colored controller soon. Today the company formally announced a special edition Titanfall controller for the Xbox One that eschews the standard controller’s black color scheme and more. The company showed off the new special edition Xbox One controller in a post […]

Xbox One Controller: A Step Forward and Another Backward


Microsoft officially launched the Xbox One late last month. We’ve already given it a good look-over in our full review, saying that it’s a good console that’s full of potential. But one thing that still bothers us is the Xbox One controller. At first glance, it’s an obvious upgrade from the Xbox 360 controller, with […]

Xbox One Controller Details: USB Port, New D-Pad & More

The Xbox One Controller

During the Xbox One reveal Microsoft announced the controller of the console features more than 40 improvements, and today the company detailed some of the key changes made to the controller, including one that might let gamers use the Xbox One controller with Android phones and Windows 8 devices. While the Xbox One controller looks […]