Xbox One Release Date Delivery, Day One Upgrades Arrive from Amazon


Amazon is upgrading Xbox One pre-orders to the special Day One Edition with an even better upgrade, delivery on the Xbox One Release date. Like many I ordered an¬†Xbox One at Amazon and, due to my late order, Amazon notified me that it would ship around January 2nd. I didn’t expect to get the Day […]

Xbox One Release Date: Day One Editions Slip at Retailers

Microsoft does not promise an Xbox One Day One edition on release date.

The Xbox One Day One pre-orders may not arrive on the Xbox One release date for buyers who ordered from Target and Best Buy, and a closer look at Microsoft’s current marketing for the Day One edition reveals there is no promise of an Xbox One Day One edition on release day. Update: A Microsoft […]

Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Release Day Pre-orders Sell Out at Amazon

PlayStation 4

Pre-orders of the Xbox One Day One Edition and PlayStation 4 Launch Edition are quickly drying up as Amazon announces it’s sold out of both. Amazon is now sold out of launch day editions of both the new consoles. The online retailer still has pre-orders for both game consoles, but it can’t guarantee that standard […]