The Kinect 2 Xbox One Bundle Release Date Arrives

Kienct Sensor

Shoppers who purchased an Xbox One sometime this year without a Kinect 2 sensor can finally buy the device separately direct from Microsoft or a handful of other retail stores today. The online stores of GameStop and Amazon began stocking the Kinect 2 sensor for the Xbox One earlier today. Shipping from both retailers seems […]

Xbox One Review: One Month Later


It’s been exactly one month since Microsoft launched the Xbox One and it’s been a pretty wild ride so far. We recently reviewed the console¬†shortly after it launched, saying that it’s a good start for Microsoft and that it’s full of potential, but it’s not really where it needs to be. However, one month later, […]

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield: Gaming’s Tin Foil Hat

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield

Privacy is a huge concern in this day and age, and it’s not just with computers and the internet. Gaming consoles are also receiving a lot of backlash over whether or not game system manufacturers are collecting your data and using it to their own desire. The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has been the main […]

Xbox One Kinect Gets Its Own Proper Teardown


The Xbox One Kinect sensor is pretty unique, and it’s the first time that Microsoft used in-house technology for the Kinect (previously, a company called PrimeSense worked on the Xbox 360 Kinect). While the new Kinect is essentially a part of the Xbox One console (as it comes with the system by default), the folks […]

Xbox One Kinect Can Listen to Two People Talking at Once


The new Xbox One Kinect sensor can understand and differentiate two people talking at the same time, according to a report from Polygon, where¬†Microsoft’s Phil Harrison confirmed the feature during a talk at the Eurogamer Expo in London. The new Kinect will be able to tell two users’ voices apart and can process dialogue, when […]

Microsoft Confirms Users Can Fully Shut Off Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One

During the Xbox One reveal last week Microsoft said the Xbox One would go into a low-power state when turned off, letting users use voice commands to wake it up. But now it seems users will also have the chance to completely shut down the Xbox One and its Kinect sensor. A Microsoft representative speaking […]

German Official Concerned Over Xbox One Privacy

Xbox One

Germany federal commissioner for data protection and freedom of information Peter Schaar has a few concerns about the privacy implications of the Xbox One and the mandatory Kinect sensor that comes with the console. In a statement to Spiegel Schaar voiced concerns over what will happen with the data the Xbox One‘s Kinect collects. The […]