Microsoft Removes Xbox One Online & Used Game Restrictions

The Xbox One Controller

Today Microsoft announced that it will lift some of the DRM restrictions of the Xbox One that angered many gamers in the past few weeks. In a blog post the head of the Xbox division Don Mattrick wrote that Microsoft won’t require an online connection for the Xbox One. Gamers will have to connect their […]

Xbox One DRM Is a Bid to Take on Steam, Says Xbox One Engineer

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One used game policies and online requirements are unpopular among many gamers, but one anonymous engineer claims it’s all in the name of making console gaming more like PC gaming. As Neowin reports, an anonymous Microsoft Xbox One engineer recently took to Pastebin to explain the points that Microsoft is apparently incapable of […]

Xbox One Used Games Details Confirmed

Forza 5 Xbox One box art

With just a few days left before E3 Microsoft finally announced how the Xbox One will handle used games and lending games, leaving many of the decisions up to publishers. As Microsoft previously stated, the Xbox One will support used games, but not in the same way the Xbox 360 does. The company will give […]

Sony Responds To Gamers Asking For No DRM in PlayStation 4


After a comment from Geoff Keighley on GameTrailers, many gamers took the web to ask Sony to not use digital rights management (DRM) on the PlayStation 4, and it seems Sony is listening. Gamers took to popular video game forum NeoGAF and to Twitter using the hashtag #PS4NoDRM to show they don’t want Sony to […]

Publishers To Reportedly Get Cut of Xbox One Used Game Sales

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While Microsoft wasn’t very forthcoming with details on how used games will or won’t work on the Xbox One, it seems the company is already working with manufacturers to create a system that will let gamers buy and sell used games. A report from MCV claims that Microsoft briefed retailers such as GameStop on a […]

Xbox One Used Game Fees: Microsoft Wavers on Issue

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Microsoft didn’t mention anything about used games during its Xbox One reveal, but a report from Wired claims that gamers will have to pay a small fee in order to play used games. In an exclusive look at the Xbox One Wired found out that gamers will use Blu-ray discs to install games onto the […]