Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Announced as Microsoft Cuts Xbox One Price

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle includes a free digital copy of Titanfall.

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle arrives on March 11th with a free copy of Titanfall included and Microsoft drops the price of the Xbox One in the UK by $50, but makes no announcement about a U.S. Xbox One price drop. Titanfall arrives on the Xbox One on March 11th, which is when the special […]

Xbox One Digital Games: 5 Things to Know

Xbox One Deals arrive with savings on accessories, the Xbox One and Halo for Xbox One.

The Xbox One, Microsoft’s now current-generation gaming console, has introduced a lot of new paradigms for casual gamers (and even hardcore gamers) to wrap their minds around.  A lot of them focus on the console’s included Kinect 2 sensor and how it allows the console to identify users once they’ve entered a room, turn on […]

First Xbox One Game Deal Sets the Stage for A Take Over for Digital Games

The original Ryse trailer showed gamers fighting in ancient Rome using the Kinect.

With the Xbox One launching last fall with a hand-full of titles that were all available as digital downloads, many concluded that this would be the console generation that finally ushered in digital games. After all mandated that game developers make digital copies of their games available on the same day as they arrive on store […]

Microsoft Temporarily Slashes Year-Long Subscriptions to Xbox Live

Xbox One

Though Microsoft allows users to pay single player games on its Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, there’s no denying that the experience on both consoles is made better by Xbox LIVE Gold, a subscription service that grants users the ability to play games online and access to entertainment apps through the console. Thanks to […]

How to Redeem a Code on the Xbox One and Xbox 360

How to Redeem a Code on Xbox  (4)

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 are two of the best gaming consoles avaiable. Together they both represent how different technologies, that is hardware and software, can come together to create something bigger than just a video gaming machine. To satisfy these users Microsoft makes content available for purchase in its Xbox Store. Users can […]

How to Update the Xbox One

How to Setup an Xbox One (25)

Microsoft practically told everyone that its Xbox One gaming console’s software, or what most gamers refer to as the Xbox One Dashboard, would see a number of updates during its life cycle. In fact, if the Xbox 360’s lifecycle is an accurate indicator of what’s to come, users could see Microsoft rollout out radical new […]

Titanfall Beta Begins As Users Scrounge for Codes


It’s only been a day since the Titanfall Beta, a small server and network test of the upcoming first-person shooter that’s expected to boost sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One, opened up to users. So far the reaction has been great. At least, the reaction to Titanfall has been great for users who’ve managed to snatch […]

5 Ways to Watch House of Cards on the Big Screen

netflix house of cards

The 2nd season of the hit Netflix original series House of Cards hit the streaming video site on Valentines Day 2014. The service released the political thriller series with all thirteen episodes showing up at once, ready for fans of the show to binge watch it or view it leisurely via their smart phones, tablets, computers and […]

PS4 Outsells Xbox One in the US with Nearly Double the Sales


January numbers are in, and the PS4 has come out on top, outselling the Xbox One for the month. It’s not said how many consoles Microsoft and Sony sold during January, but it’s said that PS4 sales were nearly double of what “the nearest next gen competitor” sold, which we’re assuming is the Xbox One. Microsoft […]

Xbox One Media Remote Leaks with March 4 Release Date

Xbox One Media Remote

We all remember that the Xbox 360 came with a media remote that gamers could use to control their Xbox consoles when watching movies and using apps, but the Xbox One has yet to see such an accessory. However, Amazon’s Canadian website has leaked a media remote for the new console with a release date […]

New Video Shows What Users Can Expect When Titanfall’s Beta Lands on February 14th

The Xbox One's first big exclusive title, Titanfall, launches March 11th.

Users looking to get early access to Titanfall, the upcoming multiplayer shooter with online gameplay elements and more, can officially head to the studio’s website to apply for entry into the game’s upcoming beta. Respawn Entertainment officially began taking applications for users looking to beta test the upcoming Xbox One exclusive late last night. Though […]

Apple TV: Could It Make a Dent in Xbox One, PS4 Sales?

Apple TV

Apple is rumored to be bringing native gaming support to the Apple TV this year, complete with game controller support and possibly an app store dedicated to Apple TV games. This would essentially turn the Apple TV into a living room gaming console, similar to the likes of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4, […]

New Xbox One Stereo Headset Add-Ons Coming In Time for Titanfall

Xbox One Stereo Headset

Today is shaping up to be a pretty big month for early Xbox One buyers. With one Xbox One update scheduled for this week and the announcement that another is hitting before Titanfall’s arrival, Microsoft is capping off all that excitement by announcing two new headset accessories for multiplayer game lovers. The first, though exciting, […]

Party Chat Fixes and More Coming in March Xbox One Update

Users will need to download the Blu-ray app for the Xbox One separately.

Microsoft hasn’t yet unleashed its February Xbox One update yet, but this morning the company is providing a brief look at what users can expect from its March Xbox One Update. So far it looks like online gamers will have a lot to look forward to. Microsoft’s Marc Whitten revealed on Xbox Wire that the […]

Microsoft Investors: Kill the Xbox One

Microsoft is auctioning a white Xbox One special edition which will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

It’s been just a week since Microsoft’s announced that it’d hired Satya Nadella to lead its efforts to unify products and operations across its software, hardware and services divisions. Now some Microsoft investors are calling for the new CEO and slightly updated Board of Directors to cancel consumer-focused business like its Xbox One gaming console […]

5 Features I’d Like to See in the Xbox One Update

Use the Menu button on the right of your controller to find more hidden options.

Microsoft has finally done it. After launching the Xbox One to mostly critical acclaim and a sea of complaints requesting basic features, it’s now formally preparing for the console’s first major update. It’s one of the few times I can remember Microsoft being so forthcoming about console updates. The company even announced that it plans […]

New Xbox One Update with Battery Meter Could Get Buyers Charged Up


The Xbox One only launched this past November but Microsoft is already preparing to fill in the holes in the console’s software with a new Xbox One update that contains a battery meter, storage management and more. Microsoft formally announced the upcoming update on its Xbox Wire news blog this morning. According to that post, […]

Report: Xbox One Update with Fixes Coming in March


Xbox One owners frustrated with the console’s party-chat system and more could be in for some relief in March. That’s when reports indicate Microsoft will release its second Xbox One update. The first reports of an upcoming Xbox One update surfaced this week at The Verge. Allegedly, the update will include a ton of fixes for […]

Halo 5 Release Rumored for November 2015

Halo 4

Xbox One owners could be in for a bit of wait if they’re looking to pick up the next edition of the Halo franchise. Posts by a now “confirmed” leaker point to the game’s arrival next year. Posts by ntkrnl, a member at the NeoGaf forum whose passed on accurate information in the past according […]