Kinect Sports Rivals Deal Gives Users $10 With Their Pre-Order

A full version of Kinect Sports: Rivals won't come until next year.

Gamers planning on picking up Kinect Sports Rivals may want to reconsider where they’ve pre-ordered the title. Microsoft’s own stores and website are giving every user who pre-orders the Xbox One’s first big Kinect game $10 back. To be clear, Microsoft isn’t actually handing Kinect Sports Rivals buyers $10 cash. Instead, buyers will be sent […]

Is Kinect Sports Rivals Worth $60?

A full version of Kinect Sports: Rivals won't come until next year.

So it’s finally happened. After shipping only a single Xbox One bundle that includes a Kinect 2 sensor, Microsoft is formally preparing to launch Kinect Sports Rivals, the latest evolution of its Kinect Sports series of games. For many users, asking them whether they’re going to purchase Kinect Sports Rivals is a loaded question. For […]

This is What You Can Expect in the April Xbox One Update

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

Microsoft isn’t resting after delivering two updates prior to this month’s release of Titanfall for the Xbox One. It’s now moving on to two new tasks: delivering an April Xbox One Update that includes a few good-to-have features and shipping the Xbox One to its next set of launch countries. The company itself detailed the […]

3 Common Xbox One Problems and Fixes

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

The Xbox One is an exciting new console, but a collection of Xbox One problems are frustrating some gamers. Thankfully there are a number of fixes available for these common problems, which will get users back to gaming and watching movies on the Xbox One. The Xbox One is a $500 gaming console that competes […]

Xbox One Headset Roundup & Comparison


Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console is a whole new animal. It provides users with Microsoft’s vision of what entertainment is like for users in the age of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices that simply weren’t as popular before the debut of the Xbox 360. Everything in the world has a price and the price […]

How to Stream Video to the Xbox One from Windows 8.1

How to Setup an Xbox One (22)

It’s a great time to own an Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest all-in-one entertainment system. However, it’s not a great time to own the console and want to watch video that wasn’t purchased through the Xbox Video Store, or available on Netflix. Today, the Xbox One lacks the ability to read hard drives and let users […]

Use Your Xbox One Controller With a PC Right Now

How to Update an Xbox One Controller (11)

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is a modern marvel. Having mostly left the design of the controller alone as it worked to create it from the Xbox 360 controller’s design, last fall the company said that it’d made 200 different prototypes to get it just right. Thanks to an unofficial software hack, now PC users can […]

New Xbox One Bundles Could Save You Some Cash

xbox one bundles

Microsoft isn’t holding anything back as it aims to move more Xbox One consoles. Joining its digital game bundles are now bundles from the Microsoft Store that include useful accessories and steeply discounted deals on subscriptions to Xbox Live. The new set of bundles are available at the Microsoft Store, the digital retail arm of […]

Titanfall Release is Proof Microsoft Still Doesn’t Get Digital Games

How to Redeem a Code on Xbox  (4)

Titanfall, the Xbox One’s biggest high-profile exclusive title to debut yet only launched yesterday. As such, it’s still too early to know if the game will boost sales of the console or inspire a new generation of games willing to build games around multiplayer only scenarios. What we do know is the Microsoft has yet […]

Titanfall Patch Arrives To Fix Multiplayer Issues


Respawn Entertainment, the developer responsible for creating Titanfall for Microsoft’s Xbox One and PCs running Windows, has confirmed that Titanfall release day buyers can expect a patch to address a few issues users experienced since it launched. Respawn confirmed the patch just moments ago in a post to their Facebook page. Apparently users who played […]

You Can Get Titanfall for Just $15


Best Buy isn’t traditionally known for being a games retailer, however it’s been trying to change that perception lately with special trade-in deals upcoming titles. The latest example of this is the company’s move to sell copies of Titanfall to user for just $15 with a qualifying game trade-in. The trade in deal surfaced this […]

3 Tips for Xbox One Titanfall Players


Titanfall, the multiplayer game that’s coming exclusively to the Xbox One and Microsoft’s other gaming platforms, could be the biggest game launch to hit all year. For sure, gamers will still get excited for this year’s edition of Call of Duty. They’ll still foam at the mouth for details about the setting of this year’s […]

The Xbox One Accessories You Need for Titanfall Release Date


It’s the weekend before the release of Titanfall, the first post-launch game that’s exclusive to Microsoft’s current generation Xbox One, last generation Xbox 360 and the PC. Understandably users are excited about the new game. They’re looking for tips and scouring the internet for every detail about the game’s limited story that they possibly can. […]

How to Update an Xbox One Controller

How to Update an Xbox One Controller (11)

It’s no secret that Microsoft intends for the Xbox One, its now current-generation platform for enjoying video games, live television and more, to be upgradable over time. Even if the company hadn’t said as much explicitly, which it has, there have already been three updates delivered to the console since it launched in late November last year. It’s this last […]

Titanfall Deals Are Sparse: Best Places to Buy or Pre-Order Titanfall


The launch of Titanfall, the upcoming first-person shooter game that’s only coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs, is going to be big. Though the game lost some of its edge after it was delayed last year, it’s now clear that Microsoft’s hopes for console sales over the next few month hinges […]

What’s the Best Way to Buy Titanfall on Day One?


It can’t be understated, the launch of Titanfall on the Xbox One, Microsoft’s now current-generation gaming and entertainment platform is going to be big. At least the company hopes its going to be big enough to result in more sales of the console and drive more enthusiasm for the Xbox One’s gaming platform. The emphasis […]

Xbox One Controller Problems Plague Gamers

How to Update an Xbox One Controller (11)

The Xbox One has been out for several months now, and it even received its first big update just recently. However, problems have yet to evade a lot of gamers as controller issues are ruining the experiencing for many. Numerous threads on the Xbox Support Forums point to issues with the left thumbstick on the […]

PS4 Camera Sold Out, Shows Why an Xbox One Is a Better Deal

PS4 vs Xbox One - 12

A new report indicating that supplies of Sony’s PS Camera are tight also shows why purchasing an Xbox One may be better for gamers who aren’t looking for exclusive titles than the PS4. To be clear, the report by Polygon only indicates that Sony is having a hard time keeping the accessory for its PS4 gaming console on store shelves. The […]

New Forza 5 Xbox One Bundles Racing Into Stores Next Week

Forza 5 is one of the best titles showcasing the Xbox One's graphics and gaming muscle.

Microsoft says it’s now preparing to unleash an arsenal of Xbox One consoles bundled with Forza 5 for the same $499.99 price that it charged early adopters for just the console. The announcement came in a post on Major Nelson blog today. Users will be able to purchase thew new Forza 5 Xbox One Bundle from “select retailers next week.” Strangely […]