Report: Xbox One Update with Fixes Coming in March


Xbox One owners frustrated with the console’s party-chat system and more could be in for some relief in March. That’s when reports indicate Microsoft will release its second Xbox One update. The first reports of an upcoming Xbox One update surfaced this week at The Verge. Allegedly, the update will include a ton of fixes for […]

Halo 5 Release Rumored for November 2015

Halo 4

Xbox One owners could be in for a bit of wait if they’re looking to pick up the next edition of the Halo franchise. Posts by a now “confirmed” leaker point to the game’s arrival next year. Posts by ntkrnl, a member at the NeoGaf forum whose passed on accurate information in the past according […]

Are Xbox One and PS4 Sales Killing Xbox 360 and PS3 Games?

PS4 vs Xbox one performance is tough to pick a winner in real world use right now.

The current generation of gaming only began with the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One last year but the two new consoles could already be heavily disrupting game sales of their predecessors and could be threatening their future. Andrew Wilson of Electronic Arts was the first to point on the phenomena during the game […]

Xbox One Price Cut Arrives with PS3 Trade in Deal

A screenshot of the email sent to a member of NeoGaf.

Users aren’t exactly hurting for PS3 trade in deals but that isn’t stopping Microsoft from adding to the confusion with a deal of its own. Reports indicate that Microsoft is offering a PS3 trade in deal worth $100 – provided that users use the money towards its Xbox One gaming console. Microsoft revealed the PS3 trade […]

19 Hidden Xbox One Features

To raise the sound volume say "Xbox, Volume up."

Microsoft’s Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment power house. The console has everything from apps and services designed to extend Microsoft-owned services like Skype to games that seriously push the boundaries of what creators can make for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy. Unfortunately, the user interface and software designed to empower the Xbox One can be a bit […]

Microsoft: New Gears of War On The Way

Gears of War Judgement was the last game in the Gears of War franchise to be developed in partnership with Epic Games.

Microsoft is gearing up for a new edition of Gears of War in more ways than one. Instead of teaming up with Epic Games, the franchise’s owner and developer, Microsoft has purchased the rights to develop the game internally. Microsoft and Epic Games announced the acquisition this morning with a question and answer styled piece […]

EA’s Origin Store Posts Confirmation of Titanfall Beta

The new gone Titanfall beta message posted by Titanfall Blog.

EA’s Origin Store has now confirmed what many gamers had hoped for. It appears Titanfall, the upcoming Xbox and Windows exclusive shooter that allows users to team up with giant robots, will get a beta release before it launches to the public on March 11th. Confirmation of the Titanfall beta came just moments ago when […]

Microsoft Is Looking Into Competitive Xbox One Digital Games Pricing


Users fed up with the relatively high price of a digital title for Microsoft’s Xbox One console could be in for some relief soon. At least, that’s according to Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb. Hyrb added his comments to a post about digital game titles and more on Redditt late Thursday night. Originally, that post was intended […]

Microsoft’s Earnings Show Why It’s Still A Threat to Apple and Google


Microsoft isn’t suddenly getting millions of users to switch to its Windows Phone or Windows operating systems, however that isn’t stopping the company from reaping record revenue, according to its quarterly earnings report. Release today, the report doesn’t paint an overly rosy portrait of all the company’s consumer businesses. Revenue from PC vendors paying Microsoft […]

Titanfall Gameplay Video Shows Alpha Multiplayer Fun

Watch the alpha footage to see the Titanfall Gameplay experience in video.

New Titanfall Gameplay video footage shows what it is like to play one of the most anticipated games of 2014 as Respawn looks to change what gamers expect from a shooter on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. One of the lucky gamers that played the Titanfall Alpha that closed last night sent footage […]

Accused of Paying Off YouTubers, Microsoft Says It Did Nothing Wrong

Xbox One Review (2)

Microsoft may have just gotten the Xbox One back on track sales wise, however it looks like the company simple can’t avoid public relations snafus. Months after it was forced to reign-in plans for the console when it failed to properly educate users about disc-based games for the system, it’s now battling accusations that it […]

Dead Rising 3 Title Update Is Why Xbox One Needs External Storage Now

Dead Rising 3

Users clamoring for Microsoft to add USB storage support to its Xbox One entertainment console just got more reason to demand that Microsoft add the feature sooner rather than later:  a game patch for Dead Rising 3. Announced today, users with the title and an Xbox One entertainment console will find that the game now […]

Xbox One Users Could See An Open Beta of Titanfall Before Release

The Xbox One's first big exclusive title, Titanfall, launches March 11th.

Xbox One users could see a public beta of Titanfall judging by a comment the game’s community manager made on Twitter. Respawn Entertainment’s Abbie Heppe, noted that it was possible users could see an open beta of the first-person shooter turned robot action game in a reply message on the social network on January 18th. […]

7 Things Xbox One Buyers Need To Know In 2014

How to Setup an Xbox One (1)

Fresh off its winter release, Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console is doing better than most industry watchers would have predicted. Sales — in spite of the console’s rather large $499 price tag – seem to be steady, and Microsoft’s decision to abandon its original plans for putting disc-based games on the back burner seems to […]

7 Xbox One & PS4 Games You’ll Definitely Want to Pre-order


Before either company even announced their respective consoles, users had long fought over whether the PS4 or the Xbox One would be better. They also fought over whether Microsoft or Sony had the raw materials to create a more streamlined experience for gamers and entertainment lovers. Microsoft users pointed to the Xbox 360’s entertainment features […]

Xbox One Was Best-Selling Console in the US Last Month

Xbox One

The PS4 might have taken the top spot in the very first month of availability when compared to Xbox One sales, but Microsoft’s gaming console has reclaimed the throne for the month of December. According to market research firm NPD Group, the Xbox One was the best-selling gaming console in the US during the month […]

Special Edition Titanfall Controller is Xbox One’s First

Titanfall controller

Microsoft will look to brighten up user’s Xbox One experience with a new lightly colored controller soon. Today the company formally announced a special edition Titanfall controller for the Xbox One that eschews the standard controller’s black color scheme and more. The company showed off the new special edition Xbox One controller in a post […]

Microsoft Says It Sold 3 Million Xbox One Consoles In 2013

How to Setup an Xbox One (1)

Microsoft sold 3 million Xbox One entertainment consoles last calendar year. The company announced the updated sales figure in a post this morning, also noting that Xbox One owners had managed to accumulate “millions of hours of gameplay and entertainment,” collectively. No doubt, the updated sales figures are good news for Microsoft’s internal Xbox Team. […]

PS4 Sales Beat The Xbox One’s Sales In The UK

PS4 vs Xbox One - 12

Sales of Sony’s PS4 gaming console topped those of Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console in the United Kingdom. At least, that’s according to sales numbers compiled by the Entertainment Retailers Association and cited in a new report by MCV. MCA’s numbers indicate that Sony sold 530,000 PS4 units last year. Those numbers easily hand the […]