Microsoft Universal Apps Come to Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One

Universal apps for Windows devices

Microsoft has been finding ways to unify its various operating systems across platforms and today its making a bigger step in that direction. During the company’s BUILD keynote today, Microsoft announced universal apps that will be coming to Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One, allowing users to have a consistent experience across PCs, phones, tablets […]

Microsoft Needs These 3 Devices To Compete Against Its Rivals

Microsoft is fighting a war for consumers on every front. To compete against these different companies for the hearts and minds of consumers, Microsoft needs to do something it rarely does: focus on hardware to compete against rival’s devices. To understand how the three devices below could change everything for Microsoft, you first have to […]

DVR Functionality Arriving for the Xbox One Today For Some

Xbox Live

Today, Microsoft announced it would be doubling down on video entertainment with a dashboard update that’ll include DVR controls and OneGuide functionality for anyone using the Xbox Smart Glass app for the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones, Windows devices and smartphones running Google’s Android operating system. Microsoft announced these changes and a few others in a […]

Titanfall Fixes Land To Frustrate Cheaters and Balance Game Play

Watch the alpha footage to see the Titanfall Gameplay experience in video.

This week Respawn Entertainment released two new updates to its Titanfall first-person shooter game for the Xbox One and PC. One is designed to pair cheaters with other cheaters and the other is for creating matchups that aren’t completely dominated by the same team over and over again. Respawn announced the first of these two […]

4 Top Xbox One Games for March 2014

madden nfl 25

There are only a few choices bigger to gamers than which console to buy. One of them is which game to buy with the console of their choice. It’s easy to see why: whichever game a user chooses, they could be playing for months. After all, new console launches aren’t marked by a general wealth […]

Digital Games Sharing Could Make a Comeback on the Xbox One

Xbox One Deals arrive with savings on accessories, the Xbox One and Halo for Xbox One.

Microsoft could bring back digital game sharing and more in a future software update to its Xbox One console. At least that’s the impression that Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer gave during an interview at this year’s Game Developers Conference. Talking to GameSpot, Spencer repeatedly noted that the company was actively thinking about how digital games […]

Cheap Xbox One Spreads to More Retailers

Use the Menu button on the right of your controller to find more hidden options.

It seems Microsoft’s Xbox One is on a bit of a tear price cut wise. Just days after Wal-Mart temporarily cut its sale price on the all-in-one entertainment system, Microsoft’s own stores are also offering the console for just $450. The Microsoft Store began offering the deals to buyers on its website earlier this morning. […]

The 3 Best Gaming Routers You Can Buy Today

linksys e2500

Most users don’t go into a new console purchasing thinking about their home networking setup. But picking up the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 without a decent router could be a disaster. Gaming consoles are an interesting beast. They’re not like smartphones. They aren’t a purchase someone can make in a vacuum and still get a […]

Walmart Slashes The Cost of Playing Titanfall With New Xbox One Deal

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

Microsoft hasn’t yet officially cut the price of the Xbox One console, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly easy to find a deal on the now current generation entertainment console. Just two weeks after Microsoft formally announced two new bundles that include games at no additional cost, Wal-Mart is slashing the cost of those […]

Kinect Sports Rivals Deal Gives Users $10 With Their Pre-Order

A full version of Kinect Sports: Rivals won't come until next year.

Gamers planning on picking up Kinect Sports Rivals may want to reconsider where they’ve pre-ordered the title. Microsoft’s own stores and website are giving every user who pre-orders the Xbox One’s first big Kinect game $10 back. To be clear, Microsoft isn’t actually handing Kinect Sports Rivals buyers $10 cash. Instead, buyers will be sent […]

Is Kinect Sports Rivals Worth $60?

A full version of Kinect Sports: Rivals won't come until next year.

So it’s finally happened. After shipping only a single Xbox One bundle that includes a Kinect 2 sensor, Microsoft is formally preparing to launch Kinect Sports Rivals, the latest evolution of its Kinect Sports series of games. For many users, asking them whether they’re going to purchase Kinect Sports Rivals is a loaded question. For […]

This is What You Can Expect in the April Xbox One Update

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

Microsoft isn’t resting after delivering two updates prior to this month’s release of Titanfall for the Xbox One. It’s now moving on to two new tasks: delivering an April Xbox One Update that includes a few good-to-have features and shipping the Xbox One to its next set of launch countries. The company itself detailed the […]

3 Common Xbox One Problems and Fixes

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

The Xbox One is an exciting new console, but a collection of Xbox One problems are frustrating some gamers. Thankfully there are a number of fixes available for these common problems, which will get users back to gaming and watching movies on the Xbox One. The Xbox One is a $500 gaming console that competes […]

Xbox One Headset Roundup & Comparison


Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console is a whole new animal. It provides users with Microsoft’s vision of what entertainment is like for users in the age of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices that simply weren’t as popular before the debut of the Xbox 360. Everything in the world has a price and the price […]

How to Stream Video to the Xbox One from Windows 8.1

How to Setup an Xbox One (22)

It’s a great time to own an Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest all-in-one entertainment system. However, it’s not a great time to own the console and want to watch video that wasn’t purchased through the Xbox Video Store, or available on Netflix. Today, the Xbox One lacks the ability to read hard drives and let users […]

Use Your Xbox One Controller With a PC Right Now

How to Update an Xbox One Controller (11)

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is a modern marvel. Having mostly left the design of the controller alone as it worked to create it from the Xbox 360 controller’s design, last fall the company said that it’d made 200 different prototypes to get it just right. Thanks to an unofficial software hack, now PC users can […]

New Xbox One Bundles Could Save You Some Cash

xbox one bundles

Microsoft isn’t holding anything back as it aims to move more Xbox One consoles. Joining its digital game bundles are now bundles from the Microsoft Store that include useful accessories and steeply discounted deals on subscriptions to Xbox Live. The new set of bundles are available at the Microsoft Store, the digital retail arm of […]

Titanfall Release is Proof Microsoft Still Doesn’t Get Digital Games

How to Redeem a Code on Xbox  (4)

Titanfall, the Xbox One’s biggest high-profile exclusive title to debut yet only launched yesterday. As such, it’s still too early to know if the game will boost sales of the console or inspire a new generation of games willing to build games around multiplayer only scenarios. What we do know is the Microsoft has yet […]