How to Get the Xbox Experience on Your iPhone and iPad

Tentacles on iPhone

You’d be mistaken for thinking that playing games on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 were the only ways to earn Xbox Live Achievements and interface with your Xbox One and Xbox 360 console. That’s not by accident, Microsoft used to entice perspective buyers of its products with the promise that they could earn […]

How to use Xbox One SmartGlass


If there is one thing device makers and entertainment companies love to tout more than interactive television, it’s what they describe as second screen experiences like Xbox One SmartGlass. The concept is easy enough for limited at home movie watchers, game console owners and music enthusiasts to quickly grasp. Television, and the experiences that rely […]

Xbox One SmartGlass Now Available in the Windows Phone Store [Updated]

xbox one smartglass

Users with an Xbox One on its way to their door step don’t have to wait until it arrives to download Microsoft’s companion app for the next-generation entertainment console. That’s because users can download the updated SmartGlass app for the Xbox One beginning today. That is, they can download the application if they are a […]

Microsoft Apps You Should Have On Your iPhone and Galaxy S4

Skype is available on both iOS and Android.

Microsoft is typically on the receiving end of a lot of criticism these days. The company’s Windows 8 operating system introduced a new swath of changes that both delighted and alienated longtime Windows users. Its Surface RT tablet cost the company $900 million in stock write downs. Very few of the company’s moves can’t be […]

EA to Extend Xbox One Madden 25 with CoachGlass


When Madden 25 for Xbox One debuts later this year users won’t be in for just a revamped, more realistic, simulation on their television screen: they’ll also have more advanced second screen capabilities thanks to the Xbox One’s enhanced SmartGlass technology. Dubbed CoachGlass, Madden 25 users will be able to load up the game’s multiplayer modes and […]

Microsoft Talks About Upgrades to SmartGlass App for Xbox One and Xbox 360

The upgraded SmartGlass experience users can expect on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One’s November 22nd launch date might still be a bit far off on most users’ calendar, but that isn’t stopping the company from announcing the unique experiences users can expect when the device launches – specifically on their smartphone. In a new post, Microsoft is finally detailing the new features it plans to […]

Xbox SmartGlass now available on Kindle Fire HD

Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft Xbox 360 owners can now use their Kindle Fire HD as a way to extend their entertainment experiences using the console in the living room. While an Xbox SmartGlass for an Android device isn’t something new, that Kindle Fire users can download the app is, since users can only can only download applications from the Amazon […]

ESPN To Gain Xbox SmartGlass App Integration This Month

Xbox SmartGlass

The ESPN app on Xbox 360 will gain support for the Xbox SmartGlass app at the end of this month, according to a report from The Verge. Microsoft and ESPN showed off the new version of the Xbox SmartGlass app today, along with the new improvements. When the update comes to users later this month they can […]

Xbox SmartGlass Now Supports 7-inch Android Tablets

Xbox SmartGlass

The most recent update to Xbox SmartGlass for Android add support for 7-inch tablets like the Nexus 7. Now Nexus 7 users and anyone else with a 7-inch Android tablet can use their tablet to control their Xbox 360. Xbox SmartGlass lets users control the Xbox 360 menus from a touchscreen. With the app, users […]

Xbox SmartGlass for iPhone and iPad Now Available


Shortly after launching on the Android platform, Xbox SmartGlass for iPhone and iPad has arrived on Apple’s App Store awaiting those who use Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. After a bit of a wait, iPhone and iPad owners can now access Xbox SmartGlass which turns the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a second screen for […]

Xbox SmartGlass Now Available on Android, Coming Soon To iPhone & iPad

Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft’s new SmartGlass app is now available for Android smartphones, and the iPhone and iPad version is still coming to the App Store soon. Xbox SmartGlass first released on Windows RT and Windows 8 as well as Android smartphones. The Android version of the app is only available on smartphones with a WVGA (800×480) or […]

Xbox SmartGlass Coming To iPad, iPhone, Android and Surface This Friday

Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft will release Xbox SmartGlass for Windows 8, Windows RT, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on Friday, October 26,according to Xbox’s Major Nelson. Xbox SmartGlass is Microsoft’s second-screen app for games, movies, and apps on the Xbox 360. It will bring new gameplay options for games and gives users more information on TV shows or […]

Halo 4 Will Work With Microsoft Surface

Halo 4

With the Microsoft Surface presumably launching alongside Windows RT in October Microsoft wants to give users a reason to buy the new tablet. What better way to convince gamers to buy one than with Halo 4? According to VentureBeat, Microsoft executive Don Mattrick mentioned during the GamesBeat conference that Halo 4 will have some sort of […]

Microsoft SmartGlass Links Xbox 360 With Smartphones and Windows 8

Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft wants to let users control their Xbox and get more out of their media with smartphones and tablets through its new Xbox SmartGlass technology. Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass seems similar to Apple’s AirPlay at first: it lets users watch movies or TV shows on their Windows Phone or Windows 8 tablet and push it to […]