Xbox One Was Best-Selling Console in the US Last Month

Xbox One

The PS4 might have taken the top spot in the very first month of availability when compared to Xbox One sales, but Microsoft’s gaming console has reclaimed the throne for the month of December. According to market research firm NPD Group, the Xbox One was the best-selling gaming console in the US during the month […]

Signal RP One Xbox-Style iOS Controller Joins the Herd

Signal RP One

If you think we wouldn’t go all week here at CES without seeing new iOS gaming controller, you’d be very wrong. We’ve already seen one from SteelSeries, which was the first Bluetooth iOS 7 gamepad we’ve seen, but Signal is the second company to introduce such a product. The Signal RP One is an Xbox-style […]

NVIDIA Brings Desktop Power to Mobile with 192-Core Super Chip

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 10.43.07 PM-X3

To kick off CES 2014 NVIDIA took the stage to announce what’s next for mobile. According to the graphics and silicon company the next step in mobile graphics and computing is “bridging the gap” between desktop power and supercomputing with the mobile revolution. Last year they announced a new quad-core Tegra 4 mobile processor, as […]

Microsoft Says It Sold 3 Million Xbox One Consoles In 2013

How to Setup an Xbox One (1)

Microsoft sold 3 million Xbox One entertainment consoles last calendar year. The company announced the updated sales figure in a post this morning, also noting that Xbox One owners had managed to accumulate “millions of hours of gameplay and entertainment,” collectively. No doubt, the updated sales figures are good news for Microsoft’s internal Xbox Team. […]

Is Xbox Live Online? Here’s How To Find Out

How to Setup an Xbox One (25)

Xbox Live, the service that powers Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox services, is crucial. Without it, users can’t download new games or play online games against other users in titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts and more. Unfortunately, sometimes users overwhelm the service, leaving Xbox One buyers to wonder if there’s a problem […]

Xbox One Review: One Month Later


It’s been exactly one month since Microsoft launched the Xbox One and it’s been a pretty wild ride so far. We recently reviewed the console shortly after it launched, saying that it’s a good start for Microsoft and that it’s full of potential, but it’s not really where it needs to be. However, one month later, […]

Best Xbox One Accessories


The Xbox One has been on the market for several weeks now, but the console is still very young. However, plenty of Xbox One accessories are already available and we should expect more to come in the next few months, but the gear that’s available now is more than enough to please the appetites of […]

Out of This World? First Xbox Documentary Is About E.T.


Xbox Entertainment Studios, the new content production company announced with the Xbox One during the summer, will get its first documentary in the New Year. As industry watchers might have guessed, the film is all about aliens and video games — or at least finding them. Announced today on Xbox Wire, the untitled documentary will investigate the […]

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield: Gaming’s Tin Foil Hat

Xbox One Kinect Privacy Shield

Privacy is a huge concern in this day and age, and it’s not just with computers and the internet. Gaming consoles are also receiving a lot of backlash over whether or not game system manufacturers are collecting your data and using it to their own desire. The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor has been the main […]

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Original TV Shows Coming Early Next Year

Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed to Variety that original programming will be launched sometime early next year on Xbox Live for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Microsoft’s TV executive, Nancy Tellem, says that Xbox owners should expect original TV shows to be popping up sometime during “the first quarter, at minimum second quarter.” Of course, we’ve known that […]

How to Customize the Xbox One Interface

how to customize the xbox one (19)

When Microsoft initially showed off the Xbox One, many users balked at its footprint and cheered its cloud-related gaming features. They also flocked to messages boards and comments to learn about what Microsoft calls the Xbox One Dashboard. The Xbox One Dashboard is the layer of software that users interact with the most. It’s the […]

Xbox One Controller: A Step Forward and Another Backward


Microsoft officially launched the Xbox One late last month. We’ve already given it a good look-over in our full review, saying that it’s a good console that’s full of potential. But one thing that still bothers us is the Xbox One controller. At first glance, it’s an obvious upgrade from the Xbox 360 controller, with […]

Finding an Xbox One in Stock Is Incredibly Easy

The Xbox One is in stock at Costco and it is the first real Xbox One deal we've seen.

If you are looking for an Xbox One in stock, you no longer need to wait in lines or bounce from store to store looking for the elusive console. Multiple reports across the U.S. show many stores with the Xbox One in stock, and we even found one store offering $20 off the Xbox One […]

Forza 5 Update Brings Cheaper Cars and New Game Modes


After a lot of backlash from the Forza gaming community, developer Turn 10 will be issuing a Forza 5 update at some point this month that will hopefully win over the hearts of long-time Forza fans who found Forza 5 to be a bit underwhelming. The update will come with two new game modes as […]

Xbox One In Stock at For Delivery By Christmas Eve

How to Get Your Xbox One to Turn On Your Television (2)

Best Buy has the Xbox One in stock online for delivery by Christmas Eve in five new bundles. As Christmas approaches shoppers are still having trouble finding an Xbox One in stock. Retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are in a heat to win holiday dollars with console sales and the many accessories that shoppers […]

Microsoft: Xbox One Sold 2 Million Units in 18 Days

How to Get Your Xbox One to Turn On Your Television (2)

Microsoft says that it and its retail partners have sold 2 million Xbox Ones since the console debuted this past November. The company announced the milestone in a news post on Xbox Wire this morning, noting that the Xbox One managed to hit the mark just 18 days after Microsoft celebrated the console’s launch with […]

Xbox One Update Rolling Out Today with Major Fixes

The Xbox One itself.

Microsoft has announced that it will be rolling out the first major Xbox One system update today, an update that aims to solve some of the software issues that have been plaguing the console since it launched back at the end of November. In November, Microsoft finally released its next-generation console in the Xbox One, […]

Xbox One In Stock at Amazon, Newegg – No Bundle Required

Amazon and Newegg offer the Xbox One in stock for the retail price with no bundles needed.

The Xbox One is back in stock at Amazon after selling out earlier this month and unlike many Xbox One sales in December there is no Bundle required which allows shoppers to buy an Xbox One for $499 with delivery as early as Wednesday with overnight shipping. Newegg also offers an Xbox One in stock […]

How to Get Your Xbox One to Turn On Your Television

How to Get Your Xbox One to Turn On Your Television (2)

There’s nothing more arbitrary than having to find a remote before enjoying your favorite television shows, games and movies on your Xbox One. Luckily, Xbox One users who have the included Kinect 2 sensor plugged-in can just have their console control their television automatically. Here’s how to get your Xbox One to turn on your […]