Xbox One Retail Units Arrive Two Weeks Ahead of Schedule

The Xbox One home screen.

A hundred or so very lucky users will receive their Xbox One two weeks before the console is set to actually go on sale. A few users who placed pre-orders for the standard edition Xbox One console with Target began receiving their shipments on Friday. While it seems many users kept the early arrival to […]

Xbox One Will Allow Users to Stream Content Directly From SkyDrive

GameStop has gamers covered if they can't wait for the Xbox One release date to play the latest games.

Users looking to load the Xbox One with their favorite music or videos won’t even need to connect the console to their Windows PC or plug in a flash drive. Instead, the Xbox One can actually sync content from Microsoft SkyDrive. Although Microsoft didn’t formally announce the feature in any of its releases, Engadget noted […]

Software Details Could Have Xbox One Users Frustrated on Launch Day

Microsoft plans to have consoles available for users who did not pre-order on the Xbox One release date, but expects a fast sellout this holiday season.

We’ve already known that Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console would require a software update on the first day of its availability, but new details have revealed that users could be in for a very frustrating launch day because of it. In an interview with Engadget Microsoft’s Albert Penello makes it incredibly clear that users can […]

Microsoft Shares Info About Apps Xbox One Users Can Expect


Users will have a lot of different entertainment options besides just gaming when they pick up the Xbox One at launch. Unfortunately, it won’t be nearly as many options as they had with the Xbox 360. Microsoft formally announced the entertainment applications that users can expect this morning in a post on Xbox Wire. According […]

Watch This Video: The Entire Xbox One Experience Revealed!

Xbox One's OneGuide only requires an internet connection, users will need a  bit more to get its TV functionality fully working.

Users no longer have to wonder about how the Xbox One’s Dashboard and interface will work. After months of showing small pieces of the user interface, Microsoft has added a detailed video of all the console’s software and hardware based features to its YouTube channel. The company posted the video to its Xbox Wire blog […]

Play Xbox One at Microsoft Stores Starting Today


The Xbox One is just two weeks away from its official launch on November 22, and Microsoft has been pretty eager to have gamers try out the new console before it’s released. Because of this, the company is letting folks come into Microsoft Stores and play with the new console themselves and try out Forza […]

Xbox One Features Shortchanged by DRM Drama


There are only two weeks left until Microsoft’s Xbox One launch, and the company is finally talking more about the console and its road to launch. One new in-depth article includes an interview where Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talks about the company’s philosophies in designing the console. It also confirms what many industry insiders suspected – […]

Microsoft: Plenty of Opportunities to Customize the Xbox One

Microsoft does not promise an Xbox One Day One edition on release date.

The Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-generation entertainment console comes in one color, but the console’s designer says that there are plenty of ways that the company can alter it for special edition versions down the road. Microsoft’s Carl Ledbetter noted that the company did take customizations into consideration when it began designing the final look of […]

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Game Sharing

The PS4 beats the Xbox One in consumer interest based on search trends.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will compete on a few different fronts when they launch this November. The biggest front is on graphics capabilities. Fans of each console have compared screenshots and video footage from each console for weeks. Of course, neither fans nor industry insiders have been able to come to a valid […]

Amazon Offering 250GB Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle for $239

Screenshot 2013-10-28 10.52.17

The Xbox One is quickly approaching for release next month, which means the Xbox 360 is seeing a ton of firesales. Case in point: Amazon has discounted the 250GB Xbox 360 holiday bundle down to $239. This gets you the 250GB console, a Kinect sensor, and three games. Normally, the bundle costs $399, so you’re […]

Microsoft Details Xbox One Dashboard in New Video


While Microsoft has spent some time talking about the Xbox One Dashboard, it hasn’t been as detailed as other aspects of the console. The Dashboard is one of the few things that we still don’t know much about compared to other features of the console, but the company has posted a video that details the […]

Xbox One Ad Campaign Officially Launches


We’re just under a month away from the Xbox One’s official launch on November 22, and Microsoft is now beginning its guerrilla marketing campaign in order to get the word out of the company’s new gaming console. Microsoft’s first advertisement for this Xbox One campaign is an “invitation” to play the Xbox One, with cameos […]

Microsoft Delays Real-Name Aspects of Xbox LIVE Until After Xbox One Launch


When the Xbox One launches this November users won’t be able to search for or identify other users by their real names as originally planned. In a statement to Kotaku, Microsoft confirmed that users would only be able to identify other users through their Gamertag at launch. While the situation mirrors how users identify each […]

Xbox One Day One Pre-Orders Return to GameStop

The Xbox One release date is safe for Day One editions, says Microsoft.

Users looking to pick up Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One entertainment console before next year should act now. GameStop has reopened Day One pre-orders for the device, however there is no telling how long supplies will last. The return of pre-orders at GameStop comes as users are struggling to find ways to get their hands on […]

Microsoft Shows Off How It Enhanced Kinect for Xbox One

The Xbox One release could bring shortages thanks to a new Kinect sensor.

Microsoft’s redesigned Xbox One console itself might attract more attention from users looking forward to upgrading in November, but the console’s upgraded Kinect Sensor is also an engineering feat in its own right according to Microsoft. This past week, Microsoft detailed what it took to get the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor – which comes with every […]

GTA 5 Online Fix for Xbox 360 Arrives, But Issues Remain

GTA 5 iFruit

Rockstar issued a title update for Grand Theft Auto 5 early this morning, a title update that should serve as a GTA 5 Online fix for those on Xbox 360 who have been dealing with an assortment of issues since the game launched earlier this week. Two days ago, Rockstar announced that it was working […]

Come and See the Xbox One

Watch the Xbox One unboxing video to see one of 20 current production Xbox One units in retail packaging.

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox One console is still about two months away from arriving on store shelves, however users don’t have to wait until launch day to check out the console. That is, as long as they live near one of the stops on Microsoft’s Xbox One Tour. The company is kicking off a nationwide tour for […]

Xbox One Kinect Can Listen to Two People Talking at Once


The new Xbox One Kinect sensor can understand and differentiate two people talking at the same time, according to a report from Polygon, where Microsoft’s Phil Harrison confirmed the feature during a talk at the Eurogamer Expo in London. The new Kinect will be able to tell two users’ voices apart and can process dialogue, when […]

Xbox Fitness Announced for Xbox One


Microsoft is aiming to replace Nintendo’s deceased Wii Fit by introducing Xbox Fitness, which is a new online workout program that will come with every Xbox Live subscription, but will only work with the Xbox One. Essentially, the goal of Xbox Fitness is to get you in shape using a series of interactive workout videos, […]