Yahoo Recycled Email Accounts Turns Out to be Huge Security Risk


*+-You may remember when Yahoo decided to do some spring cleaning with its email accounts and give users the opportunity to nab their preferred email address from old Yahoo email accounts that are no longer active. It seemed like a great way to give users what they want, as well as clean house to make […]

Yahoo Releases Beautiful New Weather and Mail iPhone & iPad Apps

Yahoo Weather

*+-Today Yahoo released two new free apps in the iOS App Store, a beautiful new weather app and a new app for Yahoo mail. Both new apps are free for the iPhone and iPad, and the new mail app is also available for Android in the Google Play Store. Both apps have compelling reasons to […]

Yahoo Plans on Saving Itself by Going Back to the Basics


*+-Just as many internet companies are finding themselves standing flat-footed as the world innovates its way to newer, smarter devices, so too are the web’s last generation of information brokers. Many of them are taking drastic actions to ensure a future for their brand including a newly reinvigorated Yahoo. Apparently Yahoo plans on saving itself by […]

Nokia Uses Yahoo! to Host Ovi Mail, Chat


*+-Nokia is now offloading the hosting of its Ovi Mail services from its own servers to Yahoo!’s servers and platform. The move is being positioned by Nokia as being more beneficial to consumers of the free Ovi Mail services as it delivers a faster, richer mail experiences, integration with Chat, and also access to other […]