Mobile Apps That Made a Difference in 2013


Say what you want about this mobile device versus that mobile device. There are always comparisons by the dozens. But when it comes to mobile computing it really is all about Mobile Apps and what they can or can not do for you. Fortunately, many Mobile Apps are now available across the big three platforms […]

Yahoo Mobile Apps Quietly Making Some Noise

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! for quite some time was on the decline. Under new CEO Marissa Meyer you can sense that things are changing. Changing to what we’re not so sure, but there are some changes that are noticeable. One of those changes I’ve noticed recently is that some of the best looking mobile apps on iOS and […]

Best iOS Apps of Year According to Apple Design Awards at WWDC

apple design awards 2013

At WWDC 2013 Apple announced their winners for the Apple Design Awards, recognizing apps mostly for iOS, but a couple for Mac. Fire up the iTunes App Store or Mac App Store and notice the apps streaming across the slide shows with the badge marking these apps as winners. An Apple Design Award winner can […]