Apple and Other Techs To Notify Users of Government Data Collection


Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are changing policies to appear as if they are standing up to the authorities in the wake of revelations of NSA snooping set loose on the world by the Edward Snowden leaks. Each of those large companies, and other smaller players, have, or are about to, change their policies so […]

How to Change the Search Default on Kindle Fire Tablets


One of the tasks we like to do on a Tablet is Search. For some reason the very personal form factor lends itself to searching the Internet for information, content, or something to purchase. Whether we search in a browser, or from within an App, or from the Home Screen, Search is a function that […]

Microsoft and Yahoo Want Their Own House of Cards


The history of marketing and business models is full of those that follow the leader. No where is that more true than when it comes to TV and film content. Someone makes money with a hit and you can be sure there will be copycats and sequels ordered up. Apparently that same model is in […]

March Madness Live Stream & Bracket Apps: Final Four Invade

Apps offering access to a March Madness live stream shot to the top of the free apps chart.

iPhone and iPad app charts are covered in apps that offer a March Madness live stream and the ability to manage and track March Madness brackets. As March Madness 2014 heats up and viewers tune in to see who has the best college basketball team in the nation, many games air while users are traveling, […]

Yahoo Email Addresses Hacked


Yahoo has confirmed that it detected an attack that may have affected an unknown number of users of that system. In a post on the Yahoo Tumblr blog, Yahoo says that it has reset passwords for users who may have been affected and is in the process of contacting those users. If a mobile number […]

Feds Reach Tentative Deal with Major Tech Companies on NSA Data Requests


Transparency can be a strange thing and not all transparency is completely transparent. At least that’s what it looks like when it comes to national security issues, NSA data surveillance, major tech companies, and what we’ve come to know since the Edward Snowden leaks have changed how we view our personal data and privacy in […]

Yahoo Purchases Aviate, Moves In On The Android Home Screen


Yahoo feeds information directly to Android users through a bevy of applications, but the company’s purchase of a home screen customization application indicate that the company has even more ambitious plans down the road. Yahoo announced that they’d purchase the Android home screen substitute at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show today. As described on its […]

Yahoo & More: Why Apple Should Be Worried for Siri’s Safety

yahoo personal assistant

When Apple launched Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant that comes included on the iPhone and iPad, it had no competition, easily allowing the company to charge ahead of its rivals in the natural user interface market. Now with new video detailing a secret Yahoo project to create its own Siri-like app, it’s clear that Apple […]

Will Yahoo Give Its Mobile Apps Voice?


In the latest in a series of acquisitions undertaken by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, the Internet company had announced that it has acquired natural language processing firm SkyPhrase. The deal could potentially allow Yahoo to deliver its own voice and speech recognition engine into its products in the future, including its mobile apps for iOS […]

Yahoo Recycled Email Accounts Turns Out to be Huge Security Risk


You may remember when Yahoo decided to do some spring cleaning with its email accounts and give users the opportunity to nab their preferred email address from old Yahoo email accounts that are no longer active. It seemed like a great way to give users what they want, as well as clean house to make […]

3 Ways Yahoo’s Flickr Can Threaten Facebook


If Facebook is a life diary, Instagram a repository for low resolution and filter-blasted images, Twitter a public SMS database, and Google+ a Twitter meets photo network, then Yahoo is clearly differentiating its Flickr service as a serious tool to photographers that is more accessible now than ever. At a New York City unveiling last […]

New iOS Yahoo App Brings New Design, Summly Integration


Today Yahoo relaunched its iOS Yahoo app with a new interface and integration to summarize news stories. The new Yahoo app looks relatively similar to the new Yahoo weather app from last week with an emphasis on large photos. By default the app displays news stories in a simple list like many other apps. […]

Out with Google and In with Yahoo, What Apple’s New Partnership Means for iOS 7?


After having declared thermonuclear war on Android, Apple has spurned its biggest content partner Google and had removed native, embedded services like YouTube and Google Maps from its platform. The sour relationship between Apple and Google may be a positive boon for Yahoo, which has been one of the first–along with Google–partners to provide content […]

Yahoo CEO Bets on Windows Phone as Third Platform


After reports that Yahoo’s newest CEO and former Google alum Marissa Mayer would be transitioning the company’s fleet of issued smartphones to iPhone, it appears that early speculations were largely true. Mayer has now issued a memo to Yahoo employees allowing users to choose between three different mobile operating systems to select their company-issued phone […]

Former Google Exec Proposes iPhone for All Yahoo Staff

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012 - May 23

Former Google executive and now CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer is now proposing that Yahoo supply iPhones for all its employees. In an executive staff meeting, Mayer expressed interest in having her employees carry an iPhone, though supporting a corporate Android phone for all employees was also a possibility. Mayer had made waves at Google […]

Yahoo Axis Aims to Be Center of Your Browsing on iPhone, iPad, PC & Mac


Yahoo jumped into the browser app game with Yahoo Axis. Axis is a search based web browser for iPhone and iPad, and is available on your computer through a browser add-in. In addition to providing an elegant search tool it also lets you synchronize your browser between your iPhone, iPad and computer’s browser. The iPhone […]

Jerry Yang Resigns from Yahoo!


Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from the company that he helped start back in 1995. In a statement, Yang confirmed that he was stepping down from his position on the company’s board of directors and that he would also be relinquishing all other roles at the internet company that he co-founded with David Filo. […]

Livestand and IntoNow: A Couple of Interesting iOS Apps From Yahoo


Who’d a thunk that we’d see a couple of interesting iOS Apps from Yahoo? Both Livestand and IntoNow are just that. I don’t think either App will light a huge fire, but they both offer some interesting user opportunities in the ever evolving App world. Livestand from Yahoo is an iPad only App and essentially […]