iRemote Concept is What the Apple Remote App Should Be (Video)

Magic MacBook Pro by Yanko Designs

*+-I love Yanko Designs concept designs of cool products that could be. Today they showed off a dream product called the Magic MacBook Pro with iRemote. Designer Enrico Penello dreamed up the cool idea for a MacBook Pro with a palm rest and trackpad that you can slide off to expose a small touch panel […]

HTC Evolve – a concept tablet


*+-Though they don’t frequently see the light of day, I love the ideas coming out of Yanko Design. Their latest vision is a tablet design called the “HTC Evolve”. Why they’re tying it to a particular vendor is unclear. There’s no mention if HTC commissioned it or has any other involvement with it. The proposed […]

How About a MID with 3 Screens?


*+-Don’t you wish the folks at Yanko Designs could put some of their concepts into production. I sure do. Check out this triple screened MID. Check out more pictures here.

Yanko Designs Get Me All Hot and Bothered


*+-Sometimes I almost pull the feed for Yanko Designs out of my feed reader just because the things I see turn me into more of a lust filled geek than I already am. But then I say no, you do need a place to go and gaze and dream. Here lately they’ve unveiled a few […]

ENote Concept is Not a Digital Post-It-Note


*+-I love Yanko Designs. I discover interesting concepts and thinking there all the time. We’ve seen any number of digital versions of the venerable Post-It-Notes concept for computers and the like, but this one looks kind of interesting, especially if you’re into the green thing. Note that they say don’t call  the E-Note  from Sequoia […]