Yellow Jacket Stun Gun iPhone Case In Action (Video)

Yellow Jacket stun gun

About the only time when an iPhone can be used as a weapon is if you chuck it at someone, but if you don’t really have a good throwing arm, Yellow Jacket has a different solution. The company made a new iPhone case and attached a stun gun to it to stave off any unwanted […]

Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case Available Soon for the iPhone 5


It’s shocking how fast iPhone accessories and cases seem to multiply like rabbits. There’s always a new case that allows you to personalize your phone and some add functionality to that little computer in your pocket. We’ve written about the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun case before when it first debuted for the iPhone 4. For […]

iPhone Stun Gun Case Protects You and Your Phone


The Yellow Jacket is an iPhone case that adds a stun gun to the iPhone, giving users something to protect themselves with that’s theoretically always at hand. The stun gun in the case is capable of taking down an adult male according to the team’s website, which is enough to ward many potential threats. The […]

iPhone Cases that Protect the iPhone and User

nukles red iphone case

For iPhone users who need a little more than the average protection, let me share three iPhone cases that protect the iPhone and user alike. Not only do users get a case that keeps the phone safe but might also keep the person carrying the phone safe as well. One case doubles as a stun […]