iPhone 5 vs. Nexus 4: Best Google Apps No Longer Android First

Gmail for iPhone better than Android

Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube are traditionally better on Android smartphones, but in the past month Google reversed this trend by bringing the best Google experience to iPhone first. Forget the Nexus 4, the best phone for heavy Google users is the iPhone. I say this as someone who carries the iPhone 5 in one […]

New YouTube iPhone App Makes It Easy To Record and Upload Videos

YouTube Capture

Today Google released a new YouTube app for iPhone to make it easier to record and share videos on the service called YouTube Capture. The new YouTube Capture is a free app that focuses on recording videos to post to YouTube. The app opens to a screen for recording action. The main screen includes the […]

Google Working On AirPlay-like Feature for Android

YouTube Google TV streaming

Google is working on its own open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay according to a GigaOm report. Google’s latest YouTube app for Android includes a wireless streaming feature that lets users stream videos directly to Google TV devices automatically. Google hopes to bring a similar feature to the whole of Android by working with manufacturers and […]

How to Watch 2012 Election Results Online, on the iPhone and Android

2012 Election Results Online

As polls close on November 6th, pundits and news teams will report the presidential election results and users can watch the 2012 election results online, on the iPhone and on Android. When the polls start to close on the East coast, citizens can tune in for live streaming of network coverage with analysis, whiteboards maps […]

How to Get YouTube Back on the iPad mini


Today is iPad mini and iPad fourth-generation release day and that means there will be plenty of new iPad owners digging into their new tablet. One thing that new iPad owners will find is that in iOS 6, the operating system found stock on both the iPad mini and iPad fourth-generation, the native YouTube application […]

How to Watch the Second Presidential Debate & Share Clips Instantly

Listen to second presidential debate 2012

Users can watch the second presidential debate on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices easily on a number of sources, and now it’s easier to share clips of the debate to Facebook. Tonight Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will debate at Hofstra University in a town hall style debate covering foreign and domestic policy. Users that can’t tune in […]

How to Watch the Vice Presidential Debate on iPhone, iPad & Android


Tonight Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan will take the stage and spar in the first Vice Presidential Debate of the 2012 election. Users who can’t find a television to watch the debate on, whether it’s because they don’t own one or can’t get to one, will be able to tune […]

Apps to Watch the Presidential Debate on iPhone, iPad or Android

Watch Presidential Debate on iPad

Tonight Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will spare off in the first presidential debate of 2012, and users who can’t find a TV can tune in to the October 3rd presidential debate on the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. The presidential debate will air on most major news channels starting at 9 PM […]

How to Get YouTube Back on the iPad in iOS 6


With iOS 6, the official YouTube application for the iPhone and iPad has vanished. And while Google released an official YouTube app for the iPhone, users of the Apple’s iPad weren’t so lucky. That is, until December, when Google finally released iPad support for the official YouTube application. There are also some nice alternatives that […]

How To Get YouTube On The iPhone 5

YouTube iPhone App iOS 6 iPhone 5 - 4

The 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5 is great for watching video, but sadly the iPhone 5 doesn’t include the YouTube app which shipped with every other iPhone. Thankfully, there are still ways to watch YouTube on the iPhone 5, and both methods are arguably better than the YouTube app that used to ship with […]

How to Get YouTube Back On iOS 6

YouTube vs. YouTube

After upgrading to iOS 6, users may notice the YouTube app is missing from their home screen. In addition to ditching Google Maps for the new Apple Maps app, Apple pulled the YouTube app from iOS 6, but users can download a new and improved YouTube iPhone app from the App Store. Read: iOS 6 Tips […]

YouTube Comes To PlayStation 3 With Smartphone Control

PlayStation 3 YouTube

YouTube is now available on the TV from yet another box; the PlayStation 3. Today Google announced that its video sharing website now has a native PlayStation 3 app so PS3 users can watch their favorite cat videos on their TV. The app is available in the PSN Store in the “My Channels” category. While […]

Why Google Needs to Take Over Development of YouTube on iOS 6


The big news out of the iOS 6 camp this week is that the YouTube app will no longer be a native app on Apple’s mobile platform and that with the latest developer build of the iOS 6 release, YouTube has been removed. This will surely be a temporary absence for the video player, which […]

Apple Yanks Youtube from iOS 6

iOS 6 YouTube

Apple will no longer include YouTube in iOS going forward, but users will still have options to watch videos of cats on their iPhones and iPads. According to 9To5Mac, Apple removed the YouTube app from the most recent iOS 6 beta 4. The change was a surprise at first, but Apple soon told The Verge […]

Flipboard Officially Arrives on Android

Flipboard on Android

After a few weeks on beta, Flipboard for Android is finally available for all users in a variety of app stores including the Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, and Barnes & Noble Nook Store. For those unfamiliar with the app, Flipboard is essentially a personalized news magazine for smartphones and tablets. The service aggregates stories […]

Top iPad TV and Entertainment Apps (Video)

iPad TV Apps

The new iPad’s screen is perfect for watching TV, Movies and other entertainment. I use these 15 TV and entertainment iPad apps to watch at least an hour of video every night. (Read: Ultimate Guide to Watching TV on the iPad) From The Daily Show and Game of Thrones to Live TV, old TV seasons and […]

10 Retina Display Ready Videos That Look Awesome on the New iPad

The new iPad has a beautiful Retina Display capable of showing off amazing detail in movies and photos. If you really want to see the Retina Display on the new iPad shine, skip over Netflix and Hulu Plus and load up some super-high-resolution 2048p and 4096P videos on YouTube and marvel. These 2K and 4K […]

Apple Tries to Erase iPad 2 From Memory, Pulls All Videos

Apple iPad 2 videos private

Apple is really committed to this new, just iPad name. When I went looking for all those iPad 2 TV ads on YouTube today to see if there is any noticeable difference in how the display looks at 1080P when viewed on YouTube, I came up empty-handed. After Apple uploaded the new iPad TV commercial, the company went back through […]