ZeroChroma Reveals iPhone 5s & iPad mini Cases with Kickstands

Flip back the cover to take a photo with the iPad mini.

ZeroChroma is back with a thinner iPhone 5s case, a new iPad mini case and a new design that offers more angles than previous cases. These cases include a built-in kickstand that lets users quickly prop up the iPhone or iPad mini without the need to carry a kickstand with you. The Gotta Be Mobile […]

ZeroChroma iPhone 5 Case Review

ZeroChroma iPhone 5 Case Review - 3

The ZeroChroma iPhone 5 case is one of the most versatile iPhone 5 cases available, and a worthy followup up to the iPhone 4S ZeroChroma Teatro-S we enjoyed using last year. ZeroChroma offers two models of the iPhone 5 case, the VarioProtect 5 and the VarioClear 5. Both of these cases fit the iPhone 5 […]

ZeroChroma Teatro-S iPhone 4s Case Review

ZeroChroma iPhone 4S Case with Kickstand Review

The¬†ZeroChroma Teatro-S iPhone case is one of the most versatile cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone S thanks to a rotating kickstand that collapses when not in use. The ZeroChroma iPhone case is perfect for watching video on the iPhone, using the iPhone for Facetime calls and as a tripod for taking group photos […]

Best iPad, Smartphone and Notebook Accessories | March 2012

Whenever Apple releases a new iProduct we’re sure to see a flood of new accessories to go with it. We took a look at several in March, plus accessories for phones and notebooks. The most successful new iPad cases we’ve seen are ones that don’t just protect the tablet, but also add useful functionality. Not […]

Everything you Need to Know About iPad Ergonomics

iPad Ergonomic

The iPad is an incredibly popular gadget, selling more than 15 million last quarter. It turns out that the millions of iPads in our hands can put a strain on our shoulders, necks and backs — in addition to your wallet. In a recent study by Microsoft and the¬†US Department of Environmental Health, researchers found […]