Flipping and Recommending: Flipboard Buys Zite from CNN


The iPad was supposed to usher in a new age of journalism, publishing, and other ways to get news-like content into our grubby little hands and advertising money into the grubby little hands of the publishers. In some small ways it has succeeded, but if there is a new age it looks much like the […]

Zite for Android Launches: Best Personalized News App on Android

Zite for Android

If you love reading news on your Android, get ready to kick Pulse and other apps to the curb. Zite for Android launches today, bringing the best mobile news reading experience from the iPhone and iPad right to your Android smartphone. Zite is the Pandora of news. Not only do you tell the app what […]

Zite for iPhone Puts the Pandora of News in Your Pocket

Zite for iPhone Top Stories

My favorite news app for the iPad, just got a lot smaller and a lot more addicting thanks to the release of Zite for iPhone. While many of you might be addicted to Flipboard, Pulse or Google Currents, You are missing out on the best mobile news experience — Zite. Zite delivers highly personalized news […]

Software Update Time: Google Currents, Flipboard, FLUD


This week has seen several updates and some new software to what I call the “roll your own” magazine type software. Google released its multi-platform Google Currents, which is its answer to Flipboard (check out Chris’s post about Google Current here.) Flipboard the reigning favorite (in my view and many others) released an iOS update […]

Livestand and IntoNow: A Couple of Interesting iOS Apps From Yahoo


Who’d a thunk that we’d see a couple of interesting iOS Apps from Yahoo? Both Livestand and IntoNow are just that. I don’t think either App will light a huge fire, but they both offer some interesting user opportunities in the ever evolving App world. Livestand from Yahoo is an iPad only App and essentially […]

Your Personalized Future; It’s Closer Than You Think


Take a minute and think about the last website or service you used which isn’t trying to deliver a personalized service.┬áStill thinking? It’s hard to find a popular service that isn’t trying to add personalization. Mark Johnson, CEO of Zite, compares the, “explosion of personalization,” to the huge boom in search which took place not […]

3 More Reasons You Should Use Zite as Your Personal Digital Magazine

Zite Send to Evernote

Zite is one of my favorite iPad apps, perhaps my most used iPad app, and now it’s even better. Zite is a free app that connects to your Google Reader account and topics of interest in order to deliver a personalized digital magazine that gets better the more you use it. Now, Zite has added […]

Apps and the HP TouchPad or Rather, Apps and a Tablet


Yesterday I published two posts regarding things I like and things I don’t like about the HP TouchPad. As expected they’ve generated some interesting conversations in the comments. One of the reasons I can’t recommend the HP TouchPad currently has to do with Apps, or rather the lack thereof. Now, I’m not into a numbers […]

The Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps [May 2011]


Are you looking for some amazing new iPad and iPad 2 apps? We’ve collected our favorite apps for May 2011 which you need to have on your iPad. These apps will help you stay on task, relax, take photos and stay in the know. Some of these apps are new, while others are old favorites […]