ZTE Spro 2 Packs All the Gadgets You Need: Hands On

ZTE Spro 2

There are Android smartphones that can connect to projectors and projectors that have wireless connections for smartphones, desktops and more. Only ZTE, makers of low-cost smartphones running Google’s Android operating system and Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating, have managed to combine the two into a single package. It’s called The ZTE Spro 2, and it’s a […]

Eco-Mobius is a Prototype Modular and Hardware-Upgradeable Phone from ZTE


ZTE is chasing after Motorola’s modular Project Ara offering with its own prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show called the Eco-Mobius. At its core, the Eco-Mobius breaks down the phone’s internal hardware components into separare parts, or modules, so the end user can upgrade the parts that they want over time so that the phone […]

Firefox OS Phones Not Coming to the US Anytime Soon


Many of us have been eager to try out upcoming Firefox OS smartphones, as they look to bring something new and unique to the saturated phone market. However, folks in the US will unfortunately miss out on that opportunity, as Mozilla has confirmed to CNET that it won’t be selling Firefox OS phones in the […]

Sprint’s Vital Flagship Android Phone Could Be a Winner


Sprint Nextel, which already offers popular flagships like the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its network, may bring a new self-branded flagship in the form of the Sprint Vital. The phone, which will be manufactured by Chinese firm ZTE, will bring some high-end specs that will make the Sprint Vital competitive against […]

ZTE Quantum Seen Sprint-Bound


Sprint is rumored to be carrying the ZTE Quantum for its 4G LTE network. With some impressive specs, the ZTE Quantum immediately falls into the upper mid-range segment and will likely come with a very affordable price tag for what it delivers. Images of the ZTE Quantum were reported by Android Police, and the phone was […]

ZTE Announces Grand Memo Phablet To Compete With Galaxy Note 2

ZTE Grand Memo

The new ZTE Grand Memo is an incredibly large phablet at 5.7-inches, and it’s one of the first smartphones to feature the new Snapdragon 800 processor. ZTE announced the Grand Memo at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. The phone has a 720p display that’s 0.2-inches larger than the display on the Samsung Galaxy […]

Sprint Force Leaked With LTE


It looks like Sprint may be launching a new Force Android smartphone by ZTE come March if a product sheet for the phone is accurate. The Force would be a Sprint-branded handset, which Engadget is postulating will be a re-branded version of the ZTE Force. While much of the handset’s specs fall under the mid-range category, […]

ZTE V81 Looks to Challenge iPad mini With 8-Inch Display


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 may not be the only 8-inch Android tablet to challenge Apple’s iPad mini as the ZTE V81 has been spotted on the Chinese phone-maker’s webpage ahead of a presumed Mobile World Congress announcement. Though the ZTE V81 runs Google’s Android operating system, it does bear an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s […]

ZTE Confirms Flagship Grand S Smartphone Coming to U.S.


At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Chinese smartphone-maker ZTE had been busy hawking its wares, and the company has found success as it has announced that its flagship Grand S smartphone will be headed to North American carriers. ZTE says that it has received strong interest from U.S. carriers, and despite optimism on the […]

ZTE to Launch Firefox Phone in Europe This Year


Even though ZTE was showing some new Android smartphones and phablets at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, company U.S. head Cheng Lixin says that ZTE is already working with a few European carriers to deliver a Firefox phone later this year. And despite finding growth in the Android segment, ZTE isn’t the only one with […]

ZTE Prepping Larger 5.7-Inch Phablet


After having pre-announced the ZTE Nubia Z5 with a 5-inch full HD 1080p display and quad-core processing, ZTE is prepping an even larger phablet device with a 5.7-inch display. The device, however, would be positioned as a lower end device when compared to the Nubia Z5 because the 5.7-inch display would only have a 720p […]

ZTE Rumored To Debut New Grand S Phone at CES 2013

ZTE Grand S

Unwired View is saying that at CES 2013, ZTE will likely debut its new 5-inch Android smartphone, which could capture the title of thinnest 5-inch 1080p smartphone. The smartphone, called the ZTE Grand S, will take the title from ZTE’s other recent “phablet,” the Nubia Z5. Like the Nubia Z5 the Grand S will have a 5-inch […]

ZTE Announces Nubia Z5 Phablet

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 8.43.16 PM

Just after Christmas, Chinese smartphone-maker ZTE has taken stage to announce its foray into the phablet market in the form of the much leaked Nubia Z5. The device is expected to compete in the same space as high-end large-screen contenders, such as the HTC Droid DNA, the Oppo Find 5, and the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy […]

ZTE to Debut 5-Inch Grand S Phablet at CES


ZTE will be the latest smartphone-maker to push the 5-inch barrier with rumors that the Chinese company will introduce a Grand S model at the Consumer Electronics Show in less than a month. The Grand S will be a 5-inch smartphone with a 1080p full HD resolution display. In the past, ZTE has been rumored […]

ZTE Nubia Z5 1080p HD Phablet Shows Up in Press Photo


ZTE’s high-end 5-inch Nubia Z5 phablet has popped up in a press photo showing off the device’s 1080p HD resolution screen. The press image shows a white edition of the Nubia Z5, which when released is expected to compete with devices like the HTC Droid DNA, HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Oppo Find 5, […]

ZTE Planning Octo-Core Apache Smartphone for 2013 Release


While quad-core processors may be all the rage today, enter 2013 and ZTE is planning a high-end smartphone with an 8-core processor, at least according to some rumors. While the Chinese smartphone-maker has been historically known for its more affordable budget-oriented smartphones, it looks like ZTE is trying to break free of being pigeon-holed in that […]

ZTE Grand X Pro Leaked With Edge-to-Edge Display


ZTE’s original Grand X debuted to some criticism for its build quality and it appears that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has taken note when it crafted the Grand X Pro. A newly leaked image of the Grand X Pro shows that the device has an edge-to-edge display that does away with thick side bezels, much […]

Leaked Sprint ZTE Flash Brings High-End Specs at Mid-Range Price


Those who are looking for a modern high-end smartphone with specs that include 4G LTE connectivity, a high-megapixel camera, and HD display may not have to look further than the affordably priced ZTE Flash. The ZTE Flash, which was seen leaked in recent days, now has its official press photos revealed showing an attractive design […]

ZTE Joins Windows Phone With ZTE Render for US Cellular


ZTE is joining the Windows Phone camp and will be helping Microsoft push its mobile OS. The company has announced the ZTE Render for regional carrier U.S. Cellular and the device will be an entry-level device that runs Windows Phone 7.5 Tango, rather than the newest announced Windows Phone 8 OS. As such, the ZTE […]