T-Mobile Unveils Cheap No-Contract Android Phone

TMobile Concord Hero Front

The motto at T-Mobile today is apparently “Out with the old, in with the new” as the carrier has seemingly killed off one device while adding another in the form of the inexpensive T-Mobile Concord. T-Mobile’s latest off-contract smartphone is the ZTE-made T-Mobile Concord which will be hitting Target stores on August 26th for a […]

Don’t Expect ZTE Windows Phone 8 Smartphones Until 2013


While ZTE is a named Microsoft partner for Windows Phone 8, the company won’t be releasing any new Windows Phone 8 smartphones when Microsoft debuts its forthcoming mobile OS, which is expected to arrive later this year. According to the company’s European marketing and development director Chris Edwards, ZTE Windows Phone 8 handsets won’t be […]

ZTE Flash Hopes to Challenge Galaxy S III on Sprint’s 4G LTE Network


It looks like Sprint is getting aggressive with its 4G LTE smartphone portfolio. After having launched the Galaxy Nexus, LG Viper, HTC EVO 4G LTE, and the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Now Network is looking to add yet another rumored device to its network. This time, however, said device will compete in the high-end […]

ZTE’s Grand X Flagship Phone Runs Stock Android 4.0

ZTE Grand X

ZTE wants to expand beyond its native Chinese market into the West, and the Grand X is the company’s first big attempt to reach beyond Asia. According to The Verge, the ZTE Grand X is a new mid-range smartphone that’s different from most other Android phones in that it uses stock Ice Cream Sandwich. The […]

ZTE Teases Advanced Gaming Smartphone in Less Than a Week


In under a week’s time, according to ZTE UK’s tweet, we should know more about an advanced gaming Android smartphone that will be coming from the Chinese smartphone-maker. In the past, Sony, then Sony Ericsson, had held the title for gaming-centric smartphones with its Xperia Play, and since that device was released we haven’t seen […]

Mozilla Has Sprint, ZTE, And Others On Board For Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko is now Firefox OS, and the company has a few manufacturers and carriers ready to support the new platform. Mozilla announced the new name for the project today on its blog, and the company expects the first Firefox OS phone to land on Brazil’s Vivo carrier in early 2013. The other […]

ZTE Steals the Race to Slim With Athena Android Smartphone


Slim has been a buzz word that began when Apple and Samsung were dueling for the title with the iPhone 4. Then Motorola showed that slim was still powerful with the Droid RAZR. Shortly after that device was released, Huawei debuted the Ascend P1 S earlier this year and out-slimmed the Droid RAZR only to […]

ZTE V66 to Launch as Verizon Turbine 4G LTE Android Slate?


It appears that the long-rumored ZTE-made V66 Android tablet will land on Verizon Wireless as the Turbine and will be among the cheapest Android slates with 4G LTE connectivity on board. The device will join Verizon’s Android tablet lineup with devices from Samsung and Motorola. News of the final naming for the V66 as the […]

MetroPCS-Bound ZTE N910 Spotted at FCC


One of Chinese manufacturer ZTE’s high-end Android device will be headed Stateside to regional carrier MetroPCS with 4G LTE support. The ZTE 910, which originally debuted at Mobile World Congress, represents one of a few phones introduced by ZTE at the show in an aggressive effort to capture worldwide market share and propel the company […]

ZTE Optimus Barcelona Phone Ironically Not Announced at MWC and Infringes on LG


A new smartphone from Chinese phone-maker ZTE was discovered as it had gotten Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance approval called the ZTE Optimus Barcelona. Ironically, though, the Optimus Barcelona is named after Barcelona, the city that Mobile World Congress took place last week, though ZTE did not debut the device there. Additionally, with Optimus in […]

ZTE Announces Flagship Quad-Core Era Smartphone with 4G LTE Connectivity


At Mobile World Congress, Chinese smartphone-maker ZTE took the opportunity to introduce a new premium high-end flagship phone in the form of the Era, a quad-core device that will, unlike Huawei’s offering, utilize NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-powered Era will also support 4G LTE networks, and ZTE commits to bringing […]

ZTE to Announce 8 New Multi-Core Smartphones at MWC, Some with LTE


ZTE has already unveiled a few of its smartphones ahead of Mobile World Congress, but the company just issued a press release stating that consumers should expect to see a total of 8 new devices being announced at the Barcelona trade show later this month. The smartphones being announced will be multi-core devices, and some […]

ZTE Begins LTE Android Invasion with Two New Android Smartphones


ZTE is targeting the emerging 4G LTE mobile market and the Chinese phone-maker has announced two new smartphones with fast mobile broadband LTE support ahead of Mobile World Congress. According to ZTE, these will be two of many new devices to sport 4G LTE radios in the future. The first device is a more premium […]

ZTE Mimosa X Brings Tegra 2, NVIDIA Wireless to Android Ice Cream Sandwich


ZTE, best known for its more budget smartphone entry, is trying to break the mold and reach for the more premium handset market and the Chinese phone-maker is doing this with the Mimosa X. Announced ahead of ┬áthe Mobile World Congress trade show, ZTE announced the phone, which will probably hover between the mid-tier and […]

Sprint Announces $100 7-Inch Android Tablet

ZTE Optik

We knew it was coming and Sprint has made it official. The carrier has announced the ZTE Optik, a 7-inch Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet that will be launching with a mind-bending price tag of $99.99. It’s going to be launching in the days ahead, Sprint declined to offer up a specific release date, and it […]

Rendering for ZTE V66 4G LTE Android Tablet Leaked for Verizon


It looks like Verizon and ZTE are getting cozier. After having announced a Jetpack mobile hotspot at CES, the two are now working on delivering a new Android tablet with 4G LTE integration that will tap into Verizon’s network. The rumored ZTE V66 tablet had been speculated before, and now we’re seeing a render of […]

Sprint to Introduce Budget-Friendly 7-Inch Tablet


A leaked document reveals that Sprint is planning to launch a budget-friendly 7-inch Android tablet for just under $100 on the 3G Now Network. News of the tablet comes just on the heels of Sprint placing the HTC EVO View 4G, which at the time of launch was and is a high-end 7-inch slate, on […]

ZTE Reveals Windows Phone Licensing Fees


Though Microsoft’s mobile market share isn’t as big as its rivals, the Redmond, Washington-based software giant still makes quite a bit of money in the mobile space thanks to licensing fees. In addition to royalties that Microsoft collects due to licensing fees for select intellectual property licenses to Android manufacturers, Microsoft also collects revenue from […]

Verizon ZTE Jetpack Hands-On (Video)

ZTE Jetpack Front_H4web

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Verizon Wireless had announced two new mobile hotspots for its 4G LTE network to allow WiFi devices to connect to fast mobile broadband speeds. Both devices are named Jetpack, and one of them is made by Novatel in the form of the MiFi, which we had previewed earlier, and the […]