Microsoft Prepping ‘Woodstock’ Xbox Music Streaming Service With Apps for E3


Microsoft might be phasing out its Zune Pass music service for an Xbox-branded cross-platform music streaming service. According to The Verge, Microsoft is preparing to show its “Woodstock” music streaming service at E3 in early June. The service will have an Xbox branding, but isn’t¬†limited to Microsoft’s video game console. The service won’t even be […]

If Microsoft Brings Xbox Live Games To iOS & Android, Can We Get Zune, Too?


Rumors are swirling around the possibility of Microsoft letting their precious mobile games out of the Windows Phone 7 gated community and into other neighborhoods. Specifically onto Android and iOS devices. Sparked by a leak to Business Insider and further fueled by a statement to Forbes that all but says Get your thumbs ready, kids! mobile gamers and Xbox addicts everywhere are salivating at the prospect.

Windows Phone Glitch Shuts Out Zune Pass Listeners


Users who have upgraded their HTC-made Windows Phone 7 smartphones to the Mango firmware update are now noticing that their handsets are freezing, or locking up, when they’re using Zune Pass. Users have been complaining and documenting their issues on Microsoft’s support forum, and according to these users, Microsoft is saying that there may be […]

Zune Pass: The best thing since sliced bread?


This isn’t a review of Zune Pass, this is just some info for those that might not know just how cool Zune Pass is. I have been a Zune Pass subscriber since it’s inception and have loved ALMOST every minute of it. The only part I don’t like about Zune Pass is that it doesn’t […]