Talk about Going Mobile: Travel the Country for 1 Year with Only $180

This is a fascinating post on many levels. On one level, this is an entry into the HP Magic Giveaway. It was submitted to Chris Pirillo’s site. (Don’t forget you can enter here at GBM as well.) From a mobile tech and social media perspective it is just awesome and full of adventure.

Amy Bugbee and her husband Shane set out to travel the USA for one year with only $180 in their pocket, a dog and a turtle in the back seat of their car, one laptop computer, an HD video camera, and a donated digital recorder. The idea was they would use their wits and the technology to find work as they traveled the country. They also carried gear for baking. The idea was they were going to chronicle their trip and some thoughts of individuals they met across the country. Their adventure was trying at times but also adventurous and as they say, that kind of trip isn’t for everyone.

Certainly worth a read and look to see how they managed to make their plan work. Here’s one of their videos.