That Nook Color Froyo Update: Well Not So Fast

Yesterday I got excited, as did quite a few others with news from Engadget that Barnes & Noble was going to update the Nook Color to Android 2.2 (Froyo) in January and add the Android Marketplace to the device. This would have in effect made the Nook Color a pretty decent Android Tablet/Slate, in fact allowing it to run Apps like the Kindle Reader.

Well, last night I talked to B&N PR folk and they tell me the initial reporting is not accurate. B&N will probably update to Android 2.2 “sometime in 2011” but not necessarily in January. Meaning that could happen then, it could happen later. But they also said that B&N is not going to be adding the Android Marketplace update or no. Their focus is on their own development plans and seeing Apps written expressly for the Nook Color that enhance the reading experience.