That’s One Big Tablet: The Kno

Wow. I guess size can matter. At least that’s what the folks behind the Kno Tablet think. This dual screen Tablet has two 14.1 inch screens. That’s a lot of real estate, and as Technology Review says it feels like you’re cracking open a MacBook Pro when you open it. But that’s not stopping the folks behind the Kno.

This is aimed squarely at the education sector and one of the big selling points is that publishers don’t have to change what they already do to have their textbooks display properly in PDF format. Both screens are touch screens and both accept pen input. Battery life is supposedly all day and you can carry 8 terms (semesters) of books, notes, etc… on the device. It’s not out yet, and the Kno website says they are looking for folks to help them shape the future.

The Kno will be available to 100 students spread across three unnamed colleges or universities this fall. Although I don’t think something this size will be too easy to keep a secret. There’s a lot we don’t know about the Kno, so we’d love to hear from anyone who sees one.