The 5 Best Android Smartphones [December, 2012]

This year has been filled with numerous big name Android smartphone releases. From the Samsung Galaxy S III to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the new Nexus, the smartphone marketplace is stocked with many Android-powered devices. While exciting, it also makes shopping for a new Android smartphone a bit of a headache.

The month of November was a fruitful one for Android enthusiasts and average consumers alike as several big name Android devices arrived on the scene just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Those that haven’t been able to make a buy just yet or are still deciding on what device to pick up should feel fortunate as December won’t be full of rumored release dates.

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Instead, the biggest names in Android are already on shelves, ready for the taking. That means no waiting on official pricing and no waiting for release dates, two things that Android shoppers often have to deal with. With so many options on the table though, trying to figure out what to get might be a bit of an issue. And that’s why we want to share our final list of the best Android smartphones available on the market.

These are the devices that we consider the best of the best when it comes to Android powered hardware. There are obviously going to be some familiar names but there will also be some new names, changed from last month’s list. All of them though are worth taking a look at by those who are in the market for a new Android smartphone either now, or at some point during the month of December.

With that, here now are the five Android devices that we consider to be the absolute best on the market now for the month of November, 2012.

Nexus 4

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Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is Google's latest Nexus smartphone, replacing the aging Samsung Galaxy Nexus as Google's own flagship. And while there was some skepticism given its lack of microSD card support, 4G LTE and only two storage options, the Nexus 4 has proven to be a hot commodity as it sold out of its initial stock through Google's Play Store and has been giving Google issues the second time around.

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Looking at the hardware, and the price, it's easy to see why. The unlocked version of the Nexus 4 starts at a mere $299. An unlocked iPhone 5 by comparison starts at $649. That price gets you a phone sporting a great design, a large 4.7-inch HD display, quad-core processor, Android 4.2 and all of the perks of a Nexus device including swift updates.

For those that love customization and hate contracts, the Nexus 4 is worth checking out.

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