The Best Mobile PCs for Writers

I love to write about technology, life, and other topics that just come to mind. Productive writing, though, requires a decent keyboard, and in my opinion, tablet pc technology. The two go hand-in-hand: a great keyboard for pounding out those articles, and tablet pc technology for brainstorming, reading, marking up, and researching.

Although Crave missed out on the tablet pc aspect, they generally hit the nail on the head for what writers should look for, and avoid, in mobile pcs. I’d agree with them on the netbook: the keyboards and screen sizes are going to generally be too small for comfort. I’ve found the sweet spot with 12″ – 13″ notebooks / tablet pcs, and those that have full size keyboards like the Lenovo X200 / X301, MacBook, and Dell Latitude XT.   My daughter, Maggie, has recently taken to writing, and she found the keyboard on the Asus 901 to be too cramped. I moved her to the X200 and she felt much more comfortable.

What mobile pc would you recommend to the budding writer?