The Crunchpad Crashes and Burns

cdbaThis will go down as a legend most assuredly. The Crunchpad is not to be. I’ll let Michael Arrington speak as to why:

Our plan was to debut the CrunchPad on stage at the Real-Time Crunchup event on November 20, a little over a week ago. We even hoped to have devices hacked together with Google Chrome OS and Windows 7 to show people that you could hack this thing to run just about anything you want. We’d put 1,000 of the devices on pre-sale and take orders immediately. Larger scale production would begin early in 2010.

And then the entire project self destructed over nothing more than greed, jealousy and miscommunication.

You should read the entire post on TechCrunch, because after doing so several times, I find there are some curious blanks that haven’t been filled in. Apparently Fusion Garage the company making the Crunchpad for Arrington has decided to go on its own and send the product to market without the Crunchpad label.

Bizarre, sad, twisted, and oh, so disappointing.