The Division Updates & DLC: What You Need to Know

After months of waiting and speculation, The Division, Ubisoft’s third-person shooter focusing on the spread of a virus in New York City, arrived in March. Officially, The Division is available on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs. Now The Division updates and DLC are finally starting to flow.

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Officially, video game publisher Ubisoft and developer Massive are borrowing from two different playbooks on delivering downloadable content. The Division updates & DLC plan includes content that’ll require more money from gamers. It’s that content that’s included when users purchase more expensive versions of the game. The Division will also deliver some new content free.

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Here’s what you need to know about The Division updates & DLC.

The Division Updates & DLC: Paid Expansions & The Division Season Pass

Paid content has always been and will always be the chief way that video game developers and publishers try to breath new life into a game. The Division DLC plans that Ubisoft shared do a very good of selling gamers on the virtues of free content updates, but it also makes it pretty clear that the game’s pay-to-play content, called Expansions, will be a pretty big deal when they each launch.

Three The Division DLC Expansions were confirmed by Ubisoft as coming within the game’s first year of availability. They are Underground, Survival and The Last Stand.

As its name suggests, Underground will take players to the maze of tunnels and spaces running beneath New York City, like the subway system. Down there, players are tasked with tracking down what Ubisoft has only described as “groups of dangerous enemies.”

Survival, the second major expansion in Ubisoft’s The Division DLC plans this year, introduces a new multiplayer mode that strands gamers inside of New York City without their skills, weapons and advantages. Through team work and grit, they’ll need to collect their items and slowly get powerful enough to claim another piece of the puzzle they need to solve the biological disaster that’s already killed millions.

There’s very little we know about The Last Stand, but its name suggests that it’ll act as a sort of season finale for the entire first year game experience. We don’t know how much any of these pieces of add-on content will cost individually. We do know that buying them all together requires a $39.99 purchase. That’s because The Division Season Pass includes access to them all, plus gear sets and extras for player’s characters.

You should note that both the Collector’s Edition and Gold Edition versions of the game come with the season pass. Users who buy those versions won’t ever have to worry about paying for content.

The Division Updates & DLC: Free Content & Updates

Ubisoft’s The Division DLC plans’ understated highlight are the free updates that the publisher says players can expect. Basically, Ubisoft is treating The Division like a service, delivering new content and features to everyone – even those that didn’t invest in the game’s season pass.

New game modes are stuffed into these free updates, not the bigger expansions it seems. Ubisoft has already promised to deliver some pretty big enhancements with free updates. Incursion, the first free update added Incursion events and Loot trading so that those in the same party could swap items that they’ve collected. Conflict was the second free update coming to The Division. It added an Incursion to Columbus Circle in Manhattan.

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  • The Division 1.1: Incursions update arrived on April 12th, bringing with it the first Incursion “Falcon Lost.” It also introduced changes for crafting items, gear exchanges for users that have gone on missions together, new high-end gear sets, and gear scores for advanced players that have reached its level 30 cap. The update is completely free to all players.
  • The Division 1.2 Conflict update arrived on May 24th. There are new high-end gear sets, a new Incursion and new named enemies missions, called Search and Destroy. The Dark Zone has a number of changes. There’s a new difficulty bracket for max-level players and players can now cut other’s extracted gear off the rope before the extraction is complete. This is update is completely free to all players.
  • The Division 1.3 update launched at the same time that the Underground DLC did. It included tweaks and features to the underlying gear sets and game mechanics.
  • The Division 1.4 update was a complete refresh of some of the game’s original mechanics and world system. Massive added World Tiers and made it much easier to get Gear Sets. It also demphasized the importance of Gear Sets.

The Division Updates & DLC: Early Release on Microsoft’s Xbox One

Microsoft and Ubisoft have a deal that guarantees the first two paid Expansions for The Division land on the Xbox One 30 days before they arrive for Sony’s PS4. The Xbox One is also the only console to launch with a bundled copy of The Division. That being said, the deal has some good points that everyone involved can appreciate.

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For starters, the free content updates aren’t a part of this deal. This means that Xbox One and PS4 players can expect The Division DLC to launch on both platforms around the same time. That’s a huge concession, some role-playing games have had exclusivity windows that lasted a year. Second, The Last Stand, The Division’s final DLC Expansion, isn’t covered by the deal either. This means that all players will get to experience it at the same time too.

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Here’s to hoping that Ubisoft delivers that first content update soon. The Division is available for purchase now for $60. You’ll need at least a base copy of the game to use any of the downloadable content. Amazon Prime subscribers and Best Buy Gamer’s Club Unlocked users get 20% off the game’s purchase price — provided they purchase a physical copy.