The Fly That Tipped the Tablet

Monday was just one of those days. Terribly hot. I had to run quite a few errands for the theatre as we’re prepping for our production of The Nerd that opens this weekend. It was one of those hot days were getting in and out of the car, after short hops, just doesn’t allow for AC to do any good. After completing about half of my errands I decided I’d quickly drop by my house and throw on some shorts and a t-shirt to try and remedy that situation, as well as dump my gadget bag full of Tablets so I didn’t have to lock them in a hot car while I was off erranding.

The first thing that went wrong happened as I was waiting to turn into my driveway. I was sitting at a full stop, waiting for traffic to pass when my car was rear ended. BAM!. I pulled over, got out, fortunately saw very little damage, and then turned to the driver. I asked him if he had seen the signal light flashing. He said his car’s breaks weren’t working. Great. After calling the cops and doing the paper work, turns out the poor kid did not have his license or registration with him, nor is he insured.

So, that happened. I then pulled into my driveway to dump my gadget bag and then change clothes and continue on the errands. I needed to take the bag along so I was pulling gadgets out of the bag. I placed the iPad on a chair and proceeded to place the HP TouchPad on top of that and then the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on top of that.

You know those rare moments in life when everything goes into slow motion? Where you can see every little detail of every little thing slowly unfolding right before your eyes? Well that’s what happened next as I watched a very large fly circle the table and land on the edge of the Galaxy Tab. I watched as the fly touched down and since I had placed the Tab precariously, I watched as the fly’s weight slowly tipped the slate off of the stack of tablets and on to the floor. I also watched as the fly ended up under the tablet and then watched the tablet bounce once and flip over.

Fortunately the Galaxy Tab survived just fine. I can not say the same for the fly. And that was my day.