The Future of Windows from the Big Brains (and Xavier too)

Pondering the future of the Windows operating system, Technologizer asked a group of 28 revered journalists, technologists, and former Microsoft employees how Microsoft can keep Windows relevant. Fortunately, one of them declined and Xavier was asked to step in. Bazinga!

Ha, I kid because I love. But seriously, it is pretty cool that our very own Xavier Lanier is occupying the same thought space as Robert Scoble, Mary-Jo Foley, Ed Bott, and several others in the know. Of course, as publisher of both and, X is no slouch in the Windows knowledge department either, and he presents excellent points particularly as they relate to a mobile environment and the personal nature of mobile computing.

It’s a good read for anyone thinking about the direction of Windows. I personally didn’t need to read Xavier’s bit because he and I operate on the same mental wavelength. I can practically read his mind. For instance, he is currently thinking something like, “You are a total D…” D, D, D-something. Delight. D-Pad. Dictionary. Dickensian. Something like that. My psychic powers get hazy without an obscure 80’s reference or pouch of Big League Chew. Anyway, please pop over to Technologizer to read and compare for yourself.

Bonus game: You may have noticed I stuffed a bit of filler into this post. (This is what happens when I let a blog entry simmer on the back burner while I work.) Earn valuable fake bonus points* by explaining the various off-topic references in the comments. Normally I’d link to the explanations, but why should I have all the fun?

*Fake bonus points have no monetary value, but the respect they bestow is priceless… or worthless. One of the two.