The JooJoo Now Available for Pre-Order Without Specs

JooJooI remember when I was a small boy that my grandfather once told me “if you’re going to buy a horse forget about the teeth, get on the damn thing and ride it first.“  Ordering technology online certainly doesn’t allow you to ride the damn thing first, much less check the teeth. Instead you have to go on reviews from those who’ve gone hands on, and customer reviews (when available) are usually your best bet. In either case, specs play an important part of any buying decision, though to be fair, they can be misleading at times. But at least they give you something to go on.

Well the JooJoo (I so want to type JooJoo Tablet, but remember it is not a Tablet according to its developer)  has already proven to be a horse of a different color in this last week or so, and now is up for pre-order and without any specs to be seen anywhere on the web site.

Strange just keeps getting stranger when it comes to the JooJoo.