The Lenovo ThinkPad X200 and HP 2730p Tablet PC Shootout Is About to Begin

shootout 003 Tableteers have some interesting choices to make if they are looking at the two newest Tablet PCs about to become available. The Lenovo X200 Tablet PC and the HP 2730P Tablet PC are both refreshes in a way, but refreshed enough that I would call them new. I’ve posted First Look InkShows on both the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC and the HP 2730p and am getting ready to begin a shoot out of sorts between the two.

Don’t take that or what is to come as looking to choose a winner. While there are similarities and differences, I think, in the early going, that they are both excellent Tablet PCs. Quite frankly depending on your needs and preferences they are each an excellent choice. Of course in the end that choice is going to be yours if you are looking to buy.

Intriguingly, after posting the two InkShows mentioned earlier, we’ve seen more questions and responses on the ThinkPad X200 than the HP 2730p. So, here’s a chance to get those questions in. While I’ve logged and listed the questions already asked, if you’ve got more questions leave it as a comment to this post.

While I will be doing some side by side video and text posts on these two units, I’m also going to be alternating which device I use on a daily basis. One day I’ll take the X200, the next the 2730p. In addition to answering your questions, I’ll be reporting on how these two devices perform in my work flow. If you want benchmarks, I’ll run them, but keep in mind, both machines may or may not have the final software load and tweaks that will be shipping, so the benchmarks won’t have too much relevance. Also take a look at the specs and what we’ve already published as to what each machine is running.

So, fire away with your questions. Let the shootout begin.

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