The Net Neutrality Debate Heats Up

The FCC is strongly putting its regulatory foot forward pushing for Net Neutrality. For anyone who uses the Internet, this will be an important issue to follow, simply because it has the potential to affect everything from the rate we pay to access the Net, to what applications you may be able to use on your devices. It is obviously much more complicated than that, but the basic idea is that the Internet has become so important to our lives and our commerce, that some feel it needs to be regulated by the government.

Whatever your political persuasion, everyone knows that this will turn into a big messy debate with all sorts of FUD, misinformation, and posturing going on as moneyed interests try to keep the government out of their business, and those looking for a “better way” aiming in the other direction.

Already after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski made his remarks yesterday, Republicans have started lining up in opposition, and Wired Magazine is promoting an article that says this could mean the end of unlimited data on the Internet.Verizon and AT&T have already come out with statements that they don’t think these new regulations should apply to wireless.

I’m not trying to turn this into a political discussion here. My point in posting about is that it is an issue that will affect anyone who uses the Internet, and one that I think we should all follow. Goodness knows in today’s political climate in the US, cutting through the rhetoric for good information will be tough to do and the best way to be informed is to pay attention.