The Perils of Bringing a Tablet to Market

Making a Tablet is not easy. Making one in the wake of the giant path Apple has carved out as it raced to what many perceive is an insurmountable lead is even tougher. We’ve seen many hotly hyped Tablets come and most of those have met with less than enthusiastic responses from the market and gadget reviewers.

Amazon doesn’t want to and really can’t afford to make those same mistakes, missteps, or miscarriages with its Tablet. Nick Bilton in the NY Times Bits Blog has published a piece that offers up some details of Amazon’s road to a Tablet that is talks quite a bit about the decisions made and the delays Amazon may be incurring in bringing this to market. It’s worth a read for the subject matter but also has good context generally. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Executives worried that putting Android on an Amazon tablet would be like opening a new music and video store on a city street already packed with dozens of other music and video stores.

In the end, Amazon realized that if it created its own operating system for its upcoming tablet, it would need to entice developers to build apps on yet another platform

Of course the usual “unnamed sources” are attributed. That, and the info contained, makes me believe that Amazon may indeed be experiencing some real delays and is leaking this info out to help smooth a path prior to any official announcement.

Again, the entire piece is worth a read.