Thinix Touch UI for Windows

If you’re looking for a better Windows touchscreen experience you should check out Thinx Touch v6. According to Thinix, the software “allows users to transform their computer devices into Easy-to-Use,¬†Finger-Driven Appliances.”

Earlier this week Brett Gilbertson wrote a great article about why Windows is just fine for touch. Thinix Touch v6 is an example of a piece of software that can make touch computing more than just fine.

Here’s a video that runs through all of Thinix Touch’s functions on a TabletKiosk slate. Get a load of the Thinix Touch Tools!

I’m going to try installing Thinix Touch on my HP TouchSmart 600xt, which is mounted next to my bed.¬†This is the sixth version of Thinix Touch, but this is the first I’ve heard of it by name. However, older versions are customized by PC manufacturers and pre-installed on devices. After looking at this, I assume that I’ve been using an HP-branded version of Thinix on my TouchSmart. If you want to give Thinix a spin you can download a 30 day trial here. .

via Chris Van Oort and Rob Bushway