Those in the Know Speculate Kno Might Be Creating a Super Tablet

Michael Arrington, the tablet/slate maker wanna-be, (remember the JooJoo?) is posting on TechCrunch that big money is investing in Kno, another tablet/slate maker. That big money comes from Marc Andreessen and his venture capital firm, who claims that the Kno will be “the most powerful tablet ever made.”

Kno is still working on getting a dual screen tablet/slate out the door later this year, but Andreessen is saying that this product will offer a complete hardware/software/services solution that will appeal to the college user.

They can purchase textbooks and view them just as they look in printed format. Users will be able to take notes, draw on the pages, etc., just like the print versions. And they’ll be able to access those books on a variety of devices – even eventually their desktop and laptops – because Kno’s software is built on webkit and designed to run on a variety of hardware setups. And there’s a normal web browser too for the Internet in general.

We’ll have to see what happens. But then that’s a familiar game these days.