Time Warp: Aigo MID to Get XP

aigomidsmall.jpgThis post makes me feel like I’m in a time warp. The Aigo MID is one of the first MIDs that folks were able to get their hands on. Rob and I got to take a look at one close up at CES2009, and the rep in the booth told us we’d see Windows 7 on their MID. After that post, there was a retraction of sorts. Even so, at that point, the device we played with felt old and getting older. Now comes word that Aigo is going to ship the same device with Windows XP in about a month.

There are many reasons that MIDs haven’t captured anyone’s imagination beyond enthusiasts, and if we’re just getting to a point now were XP loaded on a MID is big news, make that yet another one. Yeah, yeah, I know Intel has a long road map for the MID platform, but if you ask me, this is a detour that points out just how difficult that journey may be.

In any regard, jkkmobile has a video up of the Aigo MID running XP. Check it out after the jump.