Tip for MiFi Users: Get an iGo USB Adapter

photoToday I’m roaming around New York and working remotely with my HP Mini 110, iPhone 3GS and Sprint MiFi card. The MiFi card is my favorite gadget purchase of the year so far, but its battery doesn’t last long enough when I’m on the go. It’s about midday and I just got the low-battery warning.

As Warner Crocker and several other MiFi users have pointed out, the Sprint MiFi does not work as a mobile hotspot when you charge it with a USB cable. Instead, you’re forced to transform it into a USB modem whenever the battery gets low and you’re not in reach of an AC outlet.

To get around this limitation, I picked up an iGo USB Charging Cable and the appropriate iGo tip. The total cost at Radio Shack was about $14. Unlike most USB cables, the iGo version only transmits power. No bits or bytes travel between the MiFi and the PC, which means the MiFi thinks it’s plugged into a power outlet.This means I can still use the MiFi as a mobile hotspot, allowing me to use it with my iPhone and other devices.

If you’re crafty, you can modify any USB adapter to act like this.I think Sprint should include a similar USB cable with the MiFi.