TipPopper Makes Chrome TIP Friendly

Window’s Text Input Panel (TIP) behaves nicely when using Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications, but it doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to in Chrome, my favorite browser. GBN reader Brendan Sullivan and I got into a discussion by email about optimizing his HP Slate 500 for touch and he found a great plugin for Tablet PC and slate users that prefer Chrome over IE.

TipPopper is an application that does what its name implies. It makes TIP pop up whenever you touch or tap a text input area.
If you prefer Chrome and own a touch-enabled PC this plugin and its associated Chrome extension are must haves.
As an added bonus, you can assign a shortcut/pen flick to open up TIP when you want to Ink or type within a text field in any other application that doesn’t open TIP automatically.

Click here to get TipPopper