Top iPhone 5s Problems and How to Fix Them

There are a number of iPhone 5s problems that prevent users from the best iPhone experience, and we want to share some tips on how to fix these iPhone 5s issues.

The list of iPhone 5s problems comes from FixYa which sourced the complaints from 30 million users to come up with a list of complaints for the iPhone 5s and other top smartphones.

Fixya offers community troubleshooting for all types of tech related problems, allowing the company to see into the iPhone 5s problems that users are asking for help with. With millions of users asking questions about the iPhone the service has an incredible amount of data about what the biggest iPhone 5s problems are, perhaps the best insight outside of Apple.

Here are the top iPhone 5s problems according to Fixya.

Here are the top iPhone 5s problems according to Fixya.

Many of these complaints mirror the same iOS 7 problems we see from users after major and minor software updates. Apple is already working on iOS 7.1, which could arrive in the coming months.

iPhone 5s Battery Life

These complaints are not new, and anyone who owns a smartphone will be familiar with the number 1 iPhone 5s problem. According to Fixya, Battery problems are the biggest issue for iPhone 5s owners.

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The biggest iPhone 5s battery life problems are from apps that use location services and apps that are power hungry, according to the Fixya reports. It’s tough to get around the location services issue for map apps and others that legitimately need your location, but iOS 7 allows users to limit access to location information in the settings for other apps.

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and then turn off access on a per app basis for any apps you don’t want to use your location. This may help with battery life.

The iPhone 5s and IOS 7 should manage background apps well enough that those running in the back don’t greatly impact battery life, but earlier this year the Facebook iPhone app was blamed for bad battery life. If battery life drops dramatically after updating an app or installing a new app you may want to remove it from the iPhone to see if that fixes things or at the very least close the app. Again, if the apps and iOS 7 are both working right closing apps you aren’t using shouldn’t impact battery life, but you try this by double tapping the home button then swiping up on an app to close it.

iOS 7 App Crashes

Another top iPhone 5s problem according to the report is related to app crashes on the iPhone. Part of this may be due to apps not getting updates for iOS 7 and another part could be the iPhone crashing and taking an app with it.

There is no quick fix here, but there are three things to try which may mitigate the issue.

  1. Update your iPhone 5s to the latest version of iOS 7
  2. Update your apps to the newest versions
  3. Restart your iPhone regularly

These won’t fix all problems, but should help you avoid some crashes. Hopefully the iOS 7.1 release will bring better performance and app updates will offer fixes in the meantime.

Other iPhone 5s Problems & Complaints

The second biggest iPhone 5s problem according to Fixya user requests stems from the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the new iPhone.  Rather than complaints that the sensor doesn’t work, most users were concerned about their privacy. Apple says the fingerprint data, not the actual fingerprint, stays on the iPhone processor and none of this info is uploaded to iCloud or Apple servers.

The first iPhone 5s ad showcases Touch ID.

If you have issues with Touch ID recognizing your fingerprints you may need to setup the service again by going to Settings -> General -> Touch ID & Passcode and following the setup instructions.

15% of the iPhone 5s problems are users complaining about the iPhone 5s display. Some of these are dealing with the screen freezing, which is more than likely related to apps or iOS 7, but some are addressing the size. The iPhone 5s uses a 4-inch display, while the competition is offering 4.5 to 6.3-inch displays.

There are rumors the iPhone 6 will arrive in 2014 with a larger display, possibly a 4.8 to 5-inch display depending on the rumor. Multiple rumors suggest Apple is experimenting with different screen sizes.