Top Nexus 4 Apps and Widgets

The Nexus 4 is one of the best Android phones available, thanks in part to the great selection of apps and widgets.

These Nexus 4 apps are some of the best available, earning a place on my home screen and helping the Nexus 4 earn a spot next the iPhone 5 in my daily use.

In addition to the apps, there are several great Nexus 4 widgets that make using the Nexus 4 easier. Thanks to Android 4.2 I can put widgets on the Nexus 4 home screen and on the lock screen.

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All of these Nexus 4 apps and widgets are available in the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. For users with a different Android phone, like the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2, most of these apps should also be available.

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The Nexus 4 shines with a collection of great apps and widgets.

Nexus 4 Home Screens

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Nexus 4 Home Screens

The Nexus 4 home screen is where my most frequent Nexus 4 apps live on their own or in folders. Thanks to unobtrusive and easy to clear notifications I can leave the Gmail app and others off my main screen and still get to the apps when I need them.

On my main home screen are five folders and a few apps that I live in when I am using Android. I'll share what's in each folder on later slides, but here are the apps that sit on my Nexus 4 home screen.

Google Analytics - Analytics lets me get an overview of the traffic on our sites as well as real-time users on Gotta Be Mobile and Notebooks. This is one app I really miss when I use my iPhone.

Wordpress - The Wordpress app lets me edit and start articles from my Nexus 4. I don't typically write an entire post on the Nexus 4, but it's a handy app for getting a post started or finished.

Play Store - I'm always looking for new apps so I'm often in the Google Play Store. It's also where I go for movies and music on Android.

Chrome - Chrome is the default browser for Android, and thanks to the syncing I can open up pages from my MacBook Pro and open my bookmarks without the need to send links to myself.

Messages - The stock messages app is very nice on Android 4.2, and with Google Voice installed I can send and receive messages through my Google Voice number without using a separate app.

On the second Nexus 4 home screen I keep the Songza  widget and the Pandora widget. Both of these widgets make controlling music easier, when I want to listen to curated playlists based on what I'm doing in Songza or when I want to listen to a favorite station in Pandora.

Dropbox - There are many cloud storage services, but Dropbox is the best one I've found. It makes uploading and downloading photos and apps fast and reliable.

Google Authenticator - I use two-factor authentication on my Gmail accounts and other logins, so this app is essential.

Evernote - Evernote is my go to note taking app. It keeps my notes, ideas and more in one place and accessible on all of my devices.

Skype - Skype is the main app I use for keeping in touch with family members.

Falcon Pro - Falcon Pro is my favorite Android Twitter App, with a great looking user interface and access to lists and more.

Kindle - The Kindle App lets me read and read and read, and keep the position of my books synced across all of my devices.

Speed Test - When I need to test my connection, I rely on the Speed Test app to see how fast my connection is.

I also like to keep my Nexus 4 games on this screen for easy access to games.

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