How To Transfer Your Contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts

Does all the talk about the iPhone 5s and iOS 7 have you down? Maybe you were expecting more out of the new iPhone and now wish you could switch to Android? Part of making the switch to Android is making sure all of your contacts arrive in one piece. It is extremely easy to move your contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts so that they appear on your shiny new Android phone the moment you log in. Here’s how you do it!

Note: Although these instructions are on a Mac, they should be identical on a Windows PC or Linux.

Access iCloud Contacts

Transfer Contacts

Visit and log in with your Apple ID.

Transfer Contacts

After logging in, choose the Contacts option to show your contacts.

Export the Contacts

Transfer Contacts

Select the first contact in your list. Then hold down the shift key and select the last contact on your list. This will select all the contacts on your list. Click the gear in the lower left-hand corner and select Export vCard…

Transfer Contacts

When the save window opens, save your file to someone on your computer you will remember. We recommend the Desktop.

Login to Google Contacts

Transfer Contacts

Head on over to Google Contacts and login.

Transfer Contacts


Click the More drop down and select Import…

Import the Contacts



A dialog box will appear describing what is about to happen. Click the Choose File box to continue.

Transfer Contacts


Select the backup file you saved earlier and choose open.



Finally, click the Import button to begin importing the contacts.

Transfer Contacts


After a few seconds all of your contacts will appear in the My Contacts list in Google Contacts. The next time an Android phone or tablet is connected to the Google account, all of the contacts on this list will sync to the device.

Thankfully both Apple and Google support the vCard standard for contacts which makes it incredibly easy to move from one ecosystem to another. Also, doing it yourself can save you a transfer fee at a local cell phone retailer, as some have been known to charge.

Good luck and happy transferring!