Turn an iPad Into a Wireless Touchscreen Display for Your PC

Air Display, a nifty little app that turns iPads and iPhones into wireless secondary displays, now works with Windows. The Windows driver is in beta (available here). This is one of the most useful apps I’ve downloaded and use it on a regular basis when using my MacBook Pro.

Using an iPad as a secondary display is a lot cooler than just hooking up your average display. You can extend your desktop onto the display or mirror it. You can use the iPad to control your Mac or PC with your fingers. It’s not perfect, but the app is a good value at $9.99.

When I’m at my desk I plop a browser window with a news aggregator, Tweetdeck, or whatever else I need to keep an eye on the iPad display. When I show family members photos or a web site, I just give them the iPad to hold rather than having to crowd around me. Air Display also works with iPhones, but I haven’t found a real practical use for this yet since I have an iPad.

via Slashgear