Turn on AutoFill for iPhone to Speed Up Browsing

Instead of keeping passwords and usernames in a note on the iPhone or scribbled in an old Notebook, which is a terrible habit, why not tell the iPhone to remember them.

Who can actually remember all of their 12 character passwords with special symbols that Facebook, Twitter and almost every other website require?

With the autofill option for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Safari remembers so users don’t have to.

Safari can store passwords and contact information so that filling out forms and logging into websites is less painful. This method of storing passwords and contact information is called AutoFill. With a few easy steps AutoFill can enter passwords and prevent users from filling out their address time and time again.

How to Turn on AutoFill on the iPhone

Tap Settings.


Scroll down and Tap Safari.


Tap AutoFill.


Set Use Contact Info and Names & Passwords to ON.

ONAutoFill will use the information from the contact card that is stored on iCloud. If the wrong contact card is selected  Tap My Info and choose the right person. To edit the information go to Contacts find yourself and then edit the correct information into the fields that need to be changed.

Names and Passwords allows the iPhone to store passwords and usernames that are entered.

How to save a password

To save a password with AutoFill enter your Username and Password while in Safari and when asked if you would like to save the password Select Yes.

Save Password

To use a password saved in AutoFill go to a website that you have previously saved and if it doesn’t fill in automatically Press Autofill.

AutoFill in action

Your Username and Password should then be filled in and you can login with ease.

Using AutoFill is great for keeping usernames and passwords straight but it does come with its own set of risks. By using AutoFill anyone who can gain access to your iPhone is able to login to your saved websites so we recommend using a Passcode on the iPhone.