Tweetdeck for Android is awesome!

I have been using Tweetdeck as my desktop Twitter client for quite some time. I love the ability to follow so many things at once. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc… I can follow lists, my friends timelines, my mentions, direct messages, new followers, and more. It’s great for keeping up with everything. My 2nd monitor has 1/2 the screen filled with Tweetdeck and the other 1/2 with email. I never miss anything, unless I am asleep. In addition, I also used it on my iPhone quite a bit. I prefer the official Twitter app on the iPhone though, which is actually Tweetie, the best Twitter client for the iPhone ever.

Well, if you have ever used an Android phone, you would know that the official Twitter client for Android isn’t all that great. I don’t like it at all. Yesterday, I found out that Android TweetDeck went live couple of days ago. I promptly downloaded it and fell in love. It has a beautiful interface, adjustable text size, and more. I am reviewing 2 Android phones (Samsung Fascinate and Samsung Transform) back to back right now and I have to have a good Twitter client. It works well and it even has a big surprise, it allows you to speak your tweets. I tested it today and it works well. (Tweet 1 | Tweet 2 ) Even with my southern accent, it was transcribed perfectly.

Check out this video from TweetDeck:

What do you think? I have heard about some other Android Twitter clients being pretty good, but I don’t need to look any farther than this one.