Two 128GB USB Flash Drives to Beam Up

128gbbattleWhether you’re an avid fan of PortableApps, a user of portable flavors of Linux, a nomad in need of more data storage, or just compensating for a lack of power in your pocket, you will be pleased to learn that 128GB capacities have come to USB flash drives. And there’s not just one, but two (or four, if you count by the colors).

The first is the Kingston DataTraveler 200, which apparently will be ┬ásorted by color with ┬ábasic black at 128GB, Sciences blue at 32GB, and Command gold (okay, it’s yellow, but still better than sporting Operations red) at 64GB. If you’re a high-roller, it will set you back just over a nickel. Chump change. For the rest of us, that’s $546.

Hot on its heels is the Edge Tech DiskGO, available in what I think is off-white. This one’s priced for the economy crowd at a mere $390. Still, that’s just $3 per GB. You’d just be getting a lot of GB.

Priced way out of my range, but I would expect them to fall into the affordable realm in a couple of years. Any high-rollers out there tempted?

Via Engadget