Unboxing Photos of the TEGA v2 Tablet/Slate

Here are some unboxing photos of the TEGA v2 Tablet/Slate and some iPad comparison shots. After all that’s the competition. It just arrived via Fedex a few minutes ago. I’m sure there will be more to come over the weekend.

Some early notes:

Setting up the Tablet with Windows 7 (including a round of Windows Update) took about 35 minutes. No need to attach a keyboard to work through the menus, but the process isn’t that intuitive unless you’ve done this before.

Android 1.6 seems to have some issues getting and holding a WiFi signal, so I’m guessing I won’t be commenting on that at the moment.

Like all touch devices, this is a fingerprint magnet.

In my first impression I’m not that thrilled about the size and shape. It feels really awkward. We’ll see how that tracks with more usage.

The second time the device tried to return from sleep in Windows 7, it didn’t.