Uniboard: Easy Whiteboarding for Tablet Users

Cyril Pavillard just sent over a link to Uniboard, an interactive whiteboard application built for Tablet PC users. From the looks of his video demo, this applilcation is incredibly simple to use and I hope to give it a spin. You can import documents such as Powerpoint and PDF files and annotate them during your presentation. There are a handful of add-ons that allow you to quickly add Google maps, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles and other web content on the fly.

There’s a built-in recording tool so you can share your presentation with your colleagues or students when you’re done.

There are both Mac and PC versions of Uniboard. If you don’t have a Tablet PC the application works with any graphics tablet or interactive whiteboard. There is a free ad supported version if you want to give Uniboard a spin. Licenses cost $49 for professional users and $29 for educational users.