Unlocked HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus Now In Stock At Google Play

Our very own eagle-eyed editor Adam Mills spotted that the Galaxy Nexus is now back in stock through the Google Play Store and will ship in three to five business days. The smartphone retails for $349, an impressively low price for a contract-free, unlocked device that you can take to any GSM carrier of your choosing, including AT&T and T-Mobile USA in the U.S. market. The phone was previously available for $400 but Google dropped $50 off the asking price at Google I/O late last month.

The Galaxy Nexus found itself the victim of a preliminary ban as a result of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung, however, Google is working through the issues to ensure that the device remains available to customers and developers of its own branded smartphone that’s manufactured by Samsung. The Galaxy Nexus is a ‘pure Google’ device without any customizations or modifications to the Android OS and is released as Google intended Android to be, for better or worse. The Galaxy Nexus will ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

Those who do not need voice minutes and use their phones mostly for data may find the Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile’s prepaid plans a very affordable option, as our own Xavier Lanier did.

In addition to the unlocked GSM/HSPA+ edition, the Galaxy Nexus is also available in the U.S. through carriers Verizon Wireless and Sprint. These CDMA/EVDO phones for their respective carriers also support 4G LTE in the U.S. where available.

To purchase the Galaxy Nexus today, you can visit the Google Play Store.