Up, up and away: FCC approves “Super Wi-Fi”

Word out of Washington is the Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to allow the use of “white spaces” for wireless broadband, allowing for the creation of what they call “Super Wi-Fi”.

The “white space” is spectrum left over after television went all-digital last year. Some of it will be used for public safety, allowing different agencies to communicate with each other. The rest has been reallocated for other purposes, which now includes wireless broadband.

The vote makes this spectrum free for use with no license. This freedom has raised concerns over interference between devices, which delayed this vote for nearly two years. However, this problem will be addressed with a database of major broadcasters to help users avoid bunching up on the same channels.

The reason it’s being called “super” is because, like TV, this will allow data transmission to easily pass through walls, carry video, and travel for miles. Networks and devices that run on “Super Wi-Fi” are still years away, but this is the critical first step to making that happen.

Via AP