Update on Surface 2 Sound Issues

Well, it looks like someone at Microsoft was working hard on Thanksgiving Day. Late on Turkey Day, Microsoft pushed out a firmware update that looks to have fixed the reduction in sound volume issues for the Surface 2 I mentioned in this post.

If you don’t have updates set to automatically install you can check for the update manually by going to PC Settings, then selecting Update and Recovery, Windows Update, Check Now. If you want to see if the update installed properly you can select View Your Update History, or go to Control Panel and select Hardware and Sound. Under Sound select Manage Audio Devices. Then choose Speakers, then Properties. Once you’re in the tab for NVIDIA Tegra Audio Properties, choose the Driver tab. You should see a driver date of 11/26/13 and the driver version as

Screenshot (83)

I can report that sound volume has returned to normal on my Surface 2 after manually updating the drivers as described above. As to the other issues reported in the post I’m not sure if they have been rectified by this update or not.

Thanks to GBM reader, Ryan, who spotted the update and let us know in comments.