USB Wall Outlets – No Hacking Needed!

USBWallOutlet2Remember when I blogged about that DIY from Instructables to convert a wall outlet to USB? Well, flush it from your mind because the TruePower UCS power outlet makes it completely redundant.

Available for pre-order from FastMac for $10 a pop, the outlet is not only easier than building your own, but it’s as cheap or even cheaper and doesn’t displace the AC outlets. Just swap the outlet and you’ve got two USB power ports alongside the usual two AC. Output is 5.0V 600mA, a tad better than the usual half amp, and the USB ports only draw power when a device is connected. Guess I have no excuses now to not add USB ports to my wall outlets (except, of course, laziness).

Via CrunchGear by way of Gizmodo